Frost-ed Ice

check out Kevin Frost, speedskating extraordinaire from Ottawa, Canada – his story is beyond amazing. He has Usher Syndrome and aims for the Olympics! Unreal, eh?

I live less than an hour away from him. For sure I’ll be getting in touch with him to ask him out for coffee. I heard about Kevin a couple years ago when I had just started to put my foot in the deafblind community pool and to this day I still get emails from a lot of deaf-blind people asking if I knew him. Since I’m off from school and job placements pending, I thought to myself: now is the time.

I’ll let you know if we actually meet. I need to meet more awesome, inspiring Deafblind people who want to change the world and change the way others ‘see’ the world and ‘us’.

Mr. Frost, you rock, man.

Here’s a tactile love shout out to Mr. Frost and good luck.

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One Response to Frost-ed Ice

  1. Kat!! says:

    hey sweetie… that kevin Frost… hmm… I already met him twice, one was at conferance and recently last year he was at my school and give the presentation to a whole school about his experience…

    He did hugged me and adore me that Im part of “usher syndrome” but one thing did turn me off is… that he think I should learn how to talk “voice” and to get cochlear implant if I need … inform me that my life is much difficult than himself as he was deafened and able to hear with his hearing aid… thats something to keep u on the mind

    Im glad he make the goal but he must labeled himself as RP if he dont really proud himself as deaf and blind… u know what I mean eh !!

    miss u

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