Site Help, Please!

Greetings –

Several people have commented on the hard-to-read font colors on my site – and I have no clue how to change them other than doing my entries on Wordperfect, then changing the color, then pasting it on WordPress. But then the paragraphs would be gone, lines would stick together.

Dilemma, dilemma. What I want to do is change the color of my font & the font size so it’s readable for my nearsighted friends. WordPress editor doesn’t offer these choices.

Readers, I’m sorry for this. I’m not web-savvy including figuring out HTMLs and all that. If I can find someone who can help out, or a better website host that has everything (how I miss Xanga, but their comment box isn’t for everyone, only users)…let me know if you find one.

I am packing up for a move to Ottawa, I have been hired as an English as a Second Language teacher for deaf immigrants through a program by the Federal Government. I’m very nervous about this. I start tomorrow! My entries will probably be sporadic, not daily. In the meanwhile, contact me at tactiletheworld at if you’ve got solutions to my problem or you’ve got info to share on this site. Credit given where due, of course!

Buenas dias,


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3 Responses to Site Help, Please!

  1. A friend says:

    Hi Christine,

    Congratulations to your employment at ODC! 🙂

    I found some links about the colour scheme and fonts if you need assistance. Hope it helps!

    Colour scheme –

    Font –

    No credit needed as we all demand your posts! 😉

  2. Deaf258 says:

    You should consider joining and merge your blog into their server. That way, you might get more font help from Tayler or Jared? They use WordPress, too!

    You’re in my thoughts, sweetie! :HUGS:

  3. Well, the font colour and choices are usually from the theme you are using. This particular them has this awful white on black that just blends all together (I generally highlight the page in order to read it.) If you can change themes (and does give you different choices), then that would likely change the colours for you. If you look at the bottom of your blog, it says you are using the theme “ChaoticSoul”

    Login to your website, go to the My Dashboard along the top, and then from there go to Presentation again from along the top.

    Now, the first theme at the top is your current one. The themes below that are ones that are available for your site. Once you pick one of them out, your site will change to using that layout (and its colours, etc). As logn as you stay away from any of the black background ones, it should be okay.

    Some really nice ones are: Almost Spring, Ocadia, Treba, Toni, Silver is the New Black, and Greenery.

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