Contributing Writers Wanted

Tactile the World is recruiting writers to make a contribution to information access on the Web for the Deaf Blind community and educating others who are sighted.

Those who can contribute:

– Deaf-Blind people: legally, partially, fully & nearly blind & with hearing loss.

– Spouse, partner, lover, friends & relatives of Deaf Blind people

– Support Service Providers, case workers, organization members, intervenors, community members who work with Deaf Blind people

– People who observe and would like to share their two cents about Deaf Blind (ness, hood) & the people in that community

– Doctors, nurses, medical staff

– Teachers, instructors, counselors & aides that work with Deaf Blind students & clients

– People who participate in Deaf Blind events & outings

– People who have experienced something at least once

Please feel compelled to write something. You can be anonymous, reveal your name or write as a ghostwriter. Either way, you will be credited.

There might be a possibility your entry will be published in a book I hope to print one day in the future. So by submitting an article, story or piece, you are giving up your right to earn commission and give me full rights to your piece. Credit will be given where due, of course.

My email is tactiletheworld   at

Tactile love out to you readers.

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2 Responses to Contributing Writers Wanted

  1. Greeneyesbright says:

    Hey, I’d love to help! I’m currently writing a story about a woman who goes blind, and returns home to live with her deaf-blind mom, and her deaf father. Should be an interesting piece! MB

  2. Ginny Paja-Nyholm says:

    Hey! I am planning to write a blog or create a vlog about the rarely-discussed Usher Syndrome and post it on I just wrote a blog post “Dear Parents with Usher Syndrome” and got a few comments. Are the readers ready for such a subject like this?? Can I get in touch with you personally such as AIM or VP?

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