Equipment for the Deaf-Blind

I came across this link which provides information on various accessible equipment designed for the Deaf-Blind people. This site is fairly old, in the age of technology, but if you’re interested in purchasing or finding out more information – most of these product providers have their websites & phone numbers listed.

Hopefully someday I will have invested some more time into creating a new, updated list of teachnology for the Deaf-Blind currently available in 2007. – Technology & Equipment Product Providers

tactile love.

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5 Responses to Equipment for the Deaf-Blind

  1. DataCruncher says:

    For those of you, Canadians, information on some of the devices for the deaf-blind can be found at

    Not quite complete list of devices, but worth reading.

  2. Hey Coco. Here’s a list of deafblind technology links I compiled a few years ago. I’m not involved in maintaining that site any more, but most of the links are still active :).

    It has the following sections:
    Assistive Technology and Independent Living Aids
    – The Internet (Shopping on the Internet, Finding Accessible Information Online)
    – High-Tech Equipment (For Vision Loss, For Hearing Loss)
    – Low-Tech Equipment (For Vision Loss, For Communication)
    – Further Information (from DB-Link, Abledata, Infinitech, and more)

    Enjoy! All the information on that site may be freely distributed. Feel free to post (or update) its info/links on your own page.

  3. Ooops! The link didn’t come through. Here’s the DB technology page I was talking about:


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