Opening Doors into Blogland

After such a liberating day yesterday finding out that a) people woke up to the fact that Deaf-Blind weren’t as much a part of the Deafhood theory as they’d thought to be and took notice; b) Ben Vess of has developed a genius idea of transcribing others’ vlogs as an attempt to quell the heated debate on the exemption of CC-ing and transcribing.

And later in the night I got more excellent news.

Jared Evans and the DeafRead Team, concerned by my comments that the blogland was fast expanding and accumulating, that the Deaf Blind were being left behind. Text, pictures, vlogs, and comments were getting harder and harder to understand and then we had that feat of catching up.

So then Jared and his team ventured the Internet, searching for a viable solution. And they found it. And they integrated the solution into DeafRead.

What is it? It’s a feature nest to blogs in the form of a small box just before the blogger’s name in each entry on DeafRead. It enables the Deaf Blind (close-vision to read clear fonts; the fully-blind able to read simplified text on their refreshable braille displays).

Go to to see what Jared has to say about DeafRead’s new feature.

I true biz had tears in my eyes. Jamie Berke of Berke Outspoken had IMed me and said: It seems we have won!!!!!

Yes. We have won several battles in such a short time. I know we have a lot more battles to come and to win, but this one is gonna feel very differently from the others. Know why?

The Deaf community has shown me there is hope for unification. And empathy and evolution. Deafhood must persevere, and include all minority groups. I am Deaf and proud of it. I just happen to be blind, and I don’t ever want to swallow my pride and quietly leave the Deafhood community because lack of knowledge and ignorance on their part shut me out. Nope. I am going to make it clear that I am part of the family, and always will be. Embrace all of your family members, whether they are of blood, sound, sight, and/or connections.

Liberation tastes sweet. I want more!

To the Deaf-Blind out there: this proves that venting DOES help, and it doesn’t hurt if you ask others for help. You just might be amazed. And relieved that you had the courage to speak out.

Bravo, Bravo to Vess, Evans and the DeafRead Team.

Tactile luv.

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3 Responses to Opening Doors into Blogland

  1. A Proud Canadian says:

    Yea, another proud Canadian! I am proud of you. Looking forward to seeing you whenever you drop by in Toronto or such events elsewhere in Canada and beyond.

    Take care.

    Scott Burch

  2. ChrisH says:

    “Guest speaker – Father Cyril Axelrod – Deafblindness and Deafblindhood

    This fascinating talk will explore how to identify a difference between Deafblindness and Deafblindhood; the natural causes of deafblindness and deafblindhood based on culture, language and health; and a classification of different groups of people relating to deafblindness and deafblindhood, for example, what is the difference between people acquiring deaf and deafblindhood.”

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