Deaf-Blind Picnic in Cajun Country

Louisiana Acadiana Deaf-Blind Citizens, Inc.409

W. St. Mary Blvd.

Lafayette, Louisiana

 E-mail:  Videophone Direct: (337) 984-1731Sorenson Video Relay Service: (866) 327-8877, extension (337) 984-1731 


Dear Sir/Madam: 

The Louisiana Acadiana Deaf-Blind Citizens, Inc. (
LADBC) is sponsoring its annual picnic at the Daigle Hall, Affiliated Blind of
Louisiana located at

409 W. St. Mary Blvd., Lafayette, Louisiana

on Saturday, April 28th.  To make this occasion an enjoyable and memorable for our Deaf-Blind Citizens, we are planning to have a guest presenter,
Christine Roschaert of
Ottawa, Canada. Christine is deaf-blind herself, one of great leaders during most recent Gallaudet University protest in Washington, D.C., will tell her experience her involvement and her decision to go on hunger strike.

We would like to undertake numerous raffles as door prizes throughout this picnic.  This is one of our annual fund raising projects to provide sufficient monies and support for the needs of Deaf-Blind people. This is also to defray the travel expenses of our guest presenter, Christine and to provide the famous Louisiana Cajun hospitality we are noted for!  With Christine appearing as our keynote presenter, this will provide further educational opportunity as well. 

We invite your participation as business/organization/personal to sponsor this momentous event. 
LADBC is a non-profit tax-deductible charity classified as 501(c) (3).  With your donations we will acknowledge your generosity to the participants at this event.  We also invite you or a representative from your entity to visit and mingle with our Deaf-Blind Citizens throughout this event.  Donation can be made payable to
LADBC and mail to Maria Garden, Treasurer at above-mentioned address.

            In addition, we are very much in need of Support Service Providers (SSP) in helping to tactile-interpret / guide deaf-blind attendants during that day. By accepting to be SSP for a day, we will waive the cost of admission (FREE admission).  When you make up your decision being SSP (part of friends with deaf-blind person), please contact me at above-mentioned contacts before I could assign you working with specific deaf-blind attendant, possibly picking up him/her at home if needed. 

On behalf of the
LADBC, thank you in advance for your consideration.

Note:  See list of sponsors BELOW 


Dan Arabie, President


LADBC file

———As of March 7th, here are list of sponsors as follows: 

  • Affiliated Blind of
  • Affiliated Blind of
    Louisiana – Acadiana Chapter
  • Arc of
    Baton Rouge
  • Bayou Girl Scouts Troop 202
  • Community
    for the Deaf – Lafayette

  • Country
    Mobile Living
  • Deaf-Blind Support Group

  • Lafayette Athletic Association of the Deaf
  • Mire Farms


** We,
LADBC are still looking forward more sponsors being a part of us…

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