DeafBlindhood and SignCasts

I’m back! It’s been a crazy few weeks!

 While I was in Washington, D.C. 2 weeks ago, I was invited to the TV studio and chat up a storm with Ryan Commerson, the Signcasts guy. He’s interviewed several people before, including David King and Robert Sirvage. I saw the previous interviews and was ecstatic when Ryan asked me to come on and talk about the ideas and suggestions I had complied in the Deaf Space Survey. The survey is being conducted by Gallaudet’s Deaf Space class of graduate students led by a cool professor, Hans-Dirksen L. Bauman. Their objective is to design common rooms that reflect Deaf Culture, Deafhood and everything that comes with being in the Deaf world. The courses would develop different blueprints, plans and settings to be copied into new dorm buildings, deaf-centered places, and especially the 6th Gate area next to Gallaudet (Starbucks! Chipotle! Gap!). I had noted during the survey that it was uber-important to include the Deaf Blind people, even if it’s a minority in the Deaf community. We don’t want to struggle for accessibility, that was my main message. Ryan listened carefully to my suggestions on paper and wanted the public to see.

 I apologize to the low-vision and fully blind readers out there – the show is 58 minutes long (have not found anyone to do the transcription) and I was asked to remove my black sweater because it conflicted with the black background… I hope you’re able to see my signing OK.


After viewing, please leave comments here.



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2 Responses to DeafBlindhood and SignCasts

  1. Jean Boutcher says:

    I enjoyed your talk with Ryan on SignCast show. Can you elaborate on “Deaf Space”?

  2. emurhfkq says:

    people are stranger

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