Alumni Voice: Provost Choice

Originally submitted to Gallynet-L.

April 21, 2007

Bonjour –

I hope this is the correct platform to endorse a candidate for the position of Gallaudet University Provost?

I am an alumni, a very proud one at that despite the troubles that occured during my last year as an undergraduate from 2005-2006.

I, as an alumni of Gallaudet University, I would like to endorse Dr. Stephen Weiner, a professor of the Communication Studies department.

I have had the privilege and honour of knowing Steve during my last 2 years as a CS major and was placed with him as my advisor.

Know that before my transfer to CS, I had been in the Social Work and English majors, and hadn’t found the major of my dreams. Until I met him.

He was a professor in my Public Speaking class and I was a English major seeking to complete my requirements. He saw my first three speeches and told the entire class tha I would need only a few months to learn the practices of professional public speaking. I was flabbergasted and amazed that he, a highly regarded professor, would think of me that way. After a few sessions of persuading, I finally transferred from English to CS, Stephen was right – he was confident that I would be out there, speaking the truth.

I am headed out next week to Louisiana to give a keynote speech at the Lousiana  Acadiana Deaf Blind Citizens Crawfish picnic. Never would I have imagined that this man would have gotten me where I am today. I am deeply grateful.

Imagine what Steve could do for “kids” like me and teachers out there? He would teach them a lot as well as the students themselves. I respect him so much, I have full confidence him him as a mentor, a teacher and a friend.

Tactile love,

Christine RoschaertClass of 2006

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7 Responses to Alumni Voice: Provost Choice

  1. elly says:

    Too bad you don’t have a clue what the job of a provost is. It isn’t to be a friend, or a mentor, or to teach anyone anything. It’s to be the chief academic officer of the university. It is to chart the academic course for the university. So, your endorsement means nothing since you didn’t give even one reason why he is qualified to be provost. I guess he was good at inflating your ego, but not teaching you how to cogently support an argument.

  2. I support Steve Weiner says:

    Hear Hear…Steve Weiner is a strong academic who will emcourage the faculty and students, while increasing academic standards. It’s important for the provost to have the support of the community so everyone focuses on academics at Gallaudet. The biggest issue at Gallaudet right now is morale and shared goverance and Dr. Steve Weiner will fix both issues.

  3. Cousin Vinny says:

    What is a CS Major?

  4. public speaking prof? says:

    Public speaking prof? Are you kiddin’? He’s like jello in his
    Open Forum presentation in April 2006. Moreover, he’s a weak character. If Jordan said no, he’d turn you down. Get real life!

  5. Yes2Steve! says:

    I have received the opportunity to work with Steve and Jay. The experience of working with Steve was wonderful and I will grab the opportunity to work with him again -any second-!!

    While with Jay, it was just horrible and does fit his history and pattern. I’m sorry, but Jay just cannot manage if he cannot keep his hands clean. He left a long trail of messes. To be honest, I’m surprised he made it to the top three.

    I hope the community, committee, BoT and President Davila will look at Steve as the best candidate for this job.

  6. Deep Ears says:


    Actually the situation is exactly the reverse. YOU are the person who is giving no reason whatsover to negate Christine’s observations.

    YOU are unable to see the whole forest like Christine and you are complaining because she didn’t talk about particular trees.

    Being the Provost of Gallaudet requires the ability to see the whole “forest” and that is the essence of Christine’s praise for Steve. She is saying that Steve has the ability to conceptualize the relationship beetween the academic setting and life in general and convey his vision to his students.

    That’s a wonderful compliment to Steve and it is highly pertinent to the issue whether he would make a good Provost.

  7. AnferTuto says:

    Hola faretaste

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