Vlog: Merci, Transcribers & My Deaf Blind Family

In my vlog, I thank the transcribers of “Pet Peeves” dated June 20th. Ever since that Vlog, I have now officially received 8 offers to be my transcriber for future vlogs. The power of suggestion lies in being brutally honest and straightforward. I also mention how much I miss my Deaf Blind family, being in the same world as them and feeling “normal”. Look below for a transcript if you’re not able to see the video or understand my ASL. Click on the Youtube link, and comment here or there. Enjoy.

tactile love, Coco

June 22, 2007

Transcript below by Billy Kekua. Merci beaucoup.

Hi! Coco’s here! I am surprised that I got feedbacks, responses, and comments on the recent vlog, “pet peeves” and “how much I will miss seeing”. I didn’t expect that much responses and thanks for the good feeling and giving my self-esteem a boost. At same time, it made me realize that there are many issues that we need to cover. That’s something I can do everyday. I don’t mind. THREE, I mean THREE, people offered to transcribe my ASL vlogs. I am thrilled! Will contact those people to assist. There’s one positive comment that the person noticed that my vlogs tend to be around from 7 to 10 minutes and makes it difficult to transcribe. It can take up about an hour to finish it. Why not 2 to 4 minutes? Wow, I will try. Two people already transcribed my vlog, “pet peeves”, and I want to thank laRonda and Carrie Gellibrand. *Hand Applause* Good job. Both of them said its tough- it took them 1 to 2 hours to finish it. Wow, it impressed me. My heart is touched. I also want to make a comment- I know that my last vlog, I was mad. But I just want you to know that it’s not my intentions to be bitchy and insulti the people with Usher’s for being in denial, put them down, and push them away. No, I only focus on those people who go around telling people that they are Deaf Blind, Ushers’ and that they are “out of the closet” . BUT use cane rarely. heavily involved with Deaf-Blind community (ironic). Those same people who pointed to me that I am in denial. That’s who I am talking about. But for those other group of people who are in denial because it’s not easy being a person with Usher’s, involved with Deaf community or hearing community. And for those people who suddenly became blind – those people out there who’s starting to treat them differently and feeling awkward and not feeling normal. I understand completely. Now, I feel strange because here in Ottawa where I live right now… do we have a Deaf-Blind community here? Not really. Probably 3 or 4 Deaf-Blind people who are “out of the closet” or very open about their identity. They are not aggressive – just more of laid-back kind of people. There are many people with Usher’s still in denial and their walls are still up, and not ready to move on. That’s a strange feeling because it’s lonely and there’s a large Deaf community but I am not interested right now. I am interested in Deaf-Blind community. Where’s my family? Where are the people that I can connect with and understand each other? Where’s the feeling of comfort? So I don’t have to feel being judged. We have the same understanding about the levels of blindness. We share the same frustration; we fiind comfort in each other…that’s what I miss right now. That’s what I really need the Deaf-Blind fix! I have the desires to tactile with Deaf-Blind… I have the desires to have two canes hitting the ground at same time and walk together… I have the desire to be around them, bumping into each other and our eyes staring at each other awkwardly and full of giggles – knowing that it’s our Usher’s condition and talk about it. We talk about how much we can see, what the plans are for our future when we become fully blind. That’s what I miss about! Seattle, Washington is the CHAMP for Deaf-Blind communities. Washington D.C. is growing. We have several Deaf-Blind gatherings there. There’s AADB (American Association for Deaf and Blind) close by. Louisiana has the biggest community of Deaf-Blind people there. The three places are that I feel “at home”. My heart belongs to three places because we all are in the same world. I hope I will meet more Deaf-Blind people soon. So I think I made it short, I hope. LOL. Good night wherever you are in the world. I love you. (winks and smiles)

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8 Responses to Vlog: Merci, Transcribers & My Deaf Blind Family

  1. Mule4350 says:

    hello Coco,

    I admired your brave courage and I undy how does you feel frusated and try to get better your life but it is not easy ….. you look nice and don’t give up your life! One day you would have a man who is blind/DEAf or not …….. soon!
    Take Care

  2. LaRonda says:

    Hi Coco.

    You’re very welcome for the transcript I made for you on your last vlog. I’m glad to see others pitching in.

    I really felt your desire to be with more deaf-blind people. They are family. I understand. We all have groups we feel most bonded with.

    I used to live in Washington. I’m familiar with the deaf-blind strong community in Seattle. Do you ever think of relocating?

    ~ LaRonda

  3. Laronda: Yes I do often think about relocating there. But only when I am ready to settle down. Right now I’ve got a dream to chase around the globe. 😉
    Stay tuned,…..

  4. Mark Maki says:

    Hi Coco,
    I have two Deaf-Blind classmates I graduated with them. out world I met other Deaf-Blind person taught me alot about his world. I learned alot from his fustrations. eventually I met a different Deaf-Blind. Now I understand how you felt about your experiences. I dont know if you heard about Twin Cities, Minnesota they have a wonderful Deaf-Blind advocate and service. I noticed more grow Deaf-Blind people move to Minnesota because of a good service for Deaf-Blind people. I enjoyed watch your Vlogs. Thank you for your sharing.

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  6. smoe boy from south says says:


    You are truly amazing woman. I wish I could meet you somehow… in person. Whoever will have you will be very lucky person. I wish I could be that person…

  7. cheryl says:

    Hi Coco,
    I have been reading vlogs and blogs about Deaf and Deafblind. Interesting how some Deafblind are avoided by deaf community. I would think there would be a connection and Deafhood between groups. Is there that much of a cultural difference?


  8. Rachel Effinger says:

    Hi Coco-

    My name is Rachel Effinger and I am an interpreter at the Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind. We have a growing population of Deaf/Blind students and a fantastic team of Deaf/Blind Interveners. I would love to know if you ever come to schools to do presentations for students. We would love to have you come to our school!!

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