Job Opportunity: Be My Intervenor in Africa

Deaf people needn’t apply. No discrimination here. I am asking qualified Hearing people who have above average ASL skills to look further, especially if they are adventurous. Wimps also needn’t apply.

I am going to Nigeria, Africa this October for a two year volunteer tour, working with teachers and the administration of the Birnin-Kebbi School for the Disabled to develop a program that will finally allow the school to recruit Deaf Blind children to be educated there. I will be a volunteer under the Canadian Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO – and will undergo intensive in-country training starting October 16th in the capital city of Abuja for approximately four weeks, then be relocated to the northwestern city of Birnin-Kebbi for two weeks of orientation.

\During the six to eight weeks of training and orientation in Nigeria, VSO United Kingdom has agreed to allow me to bring two “intervenors” or “Support Service Providers” to accompany me to Nigeria, to interpret the courses during the day and be my guide during the evenings (roaming the city).

Details of job:

Modest salary (enough to cover for food and expenses)

Medical Insurance coverage for two months

Flights are covered in full

Room will be provided by the VSO Nigeria offices

Interpret with another intervenor for the day, alternating time periods

Be a guide and the eyes/ears for me during off hours from training

Upon arrival in Birnin-Kebbi, the intervenors will educate and train Deaf and Hearing volunteers to be my intervenor for the rest of the year


be hearing with above average ASL interpreting skills

knowledge of Deaf Blind culture and able to educate/train others to be a SSP or intervenor

Passport ready

Available for two months beginning October 15

Can be American or Canadian

Once accepted, you will have to receive several vaccinations for malaria and other things. VSO will send you a package thru email or snail mail with full information. You will be considered a “volunteer” with us, but will be getting paid a modest salary plus a glowing recommendation once your stint as intervenor is over.

Adventurous, like to travel and can adapt easily

Email me at 

If you are interested, please submit a 10-minute webcam video, your full name and contact information (telephone number and email address).

Video requirements:

Tell me why you want to go, and why you are the person for this job.

DEADLINE: Friday, July 20 in the morning.  I will submit a list of my recommendations to VSO after I view your videos and they will contact you immediately. This is serious business, no “i dont knows”. Time is crucial. Thanks!


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One Response to Job Opportunity: Be My Intervenor in Africa

  1. SusanA says:

    let us know if you’ve gotten someone 🙂

    sounds interesting! (I’m deaf so I can’t apply, plus I’m a wimp anyway hehe!)…

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