Article: Canada’s Own Dorothy Beam

An extraordinary lady named Miss Dorothy Beam is featured in Canada’s Flair Magazine spotlighting the recipient of the Order of Ontario. Beam has just discovered she has Retinitis Pigmentosa, the disease which is also called Usher Syndrome, at a late age.

I met this woman only yesterday through mutual friends, and we had tea at the Manotick Tea Room. She and I had long, probing conversations ranging from “Why didn’t I like Jane Fernandes?”, her past tenure as President of the Ontario Association for the Deaf and a lot of wisdom in between. When she noted my fierceness about issues I was passionate about, she told me: Always think of diplomacy, act like it. Then people will listen and respect you. If you don’t act like it, then they will ignore you. You cannot attract bees without honey. Be sweet.

Oh my. This irresistibly sweet elder has captured my heart. In her lunchtime prayer, she prayed that God would look over me, and guide me through the right path and that people around the world would be affected wherever I go.

This is one amazing lady I will never forget. And it’s wonderful that she is “one of us” – meaning a member of the Usher Syndrome Club, haha.

tactile love.

To read the article:

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One Response to Article: Canada’s Own Dorothy Beam

  1. A Proud Canadian says:

    Thank you, Coco, for all of this about Miss Beam. Especially her recent diagnosis as having RP. I have known her for some years and finally saw her in person this past May in Toronto. She is an outspoken lady. Wish I had a chance to chat with her because in Canada, we need someone like her to lead us. Though she is in 80’s, she is still energetic in laying a foundation for such organization.

    Glad you met her and got some helping tips from her! Good luck.



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