Success Story: Christopher C. Wells

Christopher C. Wells is only 28 years old and he’s already this close to completing his doctorate in Chemistry at the University of Albany in New York. Wells, born deaf and legally blind from complications during his birth, aims to be a teacher of science in an university. His classes at the U of A are tailored to meet his low-vision needs, and with the provisions by the University, Christopher is able to move towards his dream at an amazing speed.

Only if Gallaudet University would learn from other universities that excel in services for the Deaf Blind. Isn’t it ironic that many of the universities listed in Wells’ article are hearing universities that accompany the expensive but beneficial equipment that would surely jumpstart and complete an educational future for Deaf Blind students?  I hope the administration from Gallaudet and even NTID is listening.

Read more about Christopher C. Wells. Hat tip to Jamie Berke of for her continious coverage of Deaf Blind issues and news.

Christopher C. Wells’ journey to doctoratehood:

tactile love.

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2 Responses to Success Story: Christopher C. Wells

  1. Peter Brown says:

    Enlightening story,

    If you can remember back, I believe this is what Dr. Fernandes planned on creating at Gallaudet. An all inclusive university striving for advancement.

    We all know what happened because of her vision. The temper tantrums and name calling started by the immature deaf culture. Followed by a violent protest. Kids do not need the aggravation of going to a school full of narrow minded people. They obviously can go to places of higher learning.

    Gallaudet will remain a daycare center for these kids unless the downward spiral is reversed

  2. Peter, how wrong you are.
    Fernandes was Provost for SEVEN years. During this time, services for the deafblind had not improved. Workshops were occassionally funded by her office, hot hosted by her office. The technology for the deafblind were on a decline, and aging. Fernandes had more power than King Jordan to revolutionize the face of Deafblind education, yet, she waited until the end of her provostship to say that she would ensure inclusiveness. Too little, too late.
    Believe me. I was a student during these seven years she was a provost.
    As president, she wouldn’t have done much for deafblind students AS MUCH as she could HAVE done for them during her years as provost.
    Now, I know WEINER, my former major advisor, will surely act quickly on deafblind issues.

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