Vlog: Coco’s Journey to Nigeria

Bonjour!It’s been ages since I’ve posted something worthy of reading about the -isms and news of the Deaf Blind world, please forgive me for the short sabbatical.I was away on “vacation” to Washington State (Seattle & Seabeck Deaf Blind Retreat) and Washington, D.C.. I got back into town last night, and the only thing on my mind was to update this site. I’ve met a lot of people on my travels recently that tell me that they’ve found my site beneficial and educational – and all of them have asked for updates and more vlogs. I’m happy to know I have a loyal following, and even more happier to report that I am baaaaaack.I have a vlog for you – explaining why I am departing for Nigeria next month, and what my cause is exactly. I also explain my reasons for fundraising – and hope you will donate a pretty penny towards my cause. The money goes directly to the Deaf Blind children of Birnin-Kebbi School for the Handicapped, by way of improving the quality of life and education for them. Thank you in advance for your donation!!!!

Please go to the instructions below to make a donation to tactiletheworld@gmail.com .

If you don’t want to go through Paypal, email me at tactilenigeria@gmail.com if you’d like to send a money order or a check to my home address and I’ll reply with the address. Please notice the difference in Paypal email and Nigeria email.

To subscribe to my newsletter, go to that Nigeria gmail address also and send a short email and it’ll automatically add you for future newsletters from West Africa!

Merci beaucoup,

Coco xoxo

Paypal Donation Instructions:

1. go to www.paypal.com

2. Go to “send money”

3. Go to mid-page and you enter my email address (tactiletheworld@gmail.com)

4. Enter amount. (If you’re Canadian, go to www.paypal.ca)

5. Continue – and put down credit card infomation etc… it’s secured!

6. Paypal will email me to let me know you donated. Many thanks!!!

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4 Responses to Vlog: Coco’s Journey to Nigeria

  1. Hi COCO!

    Hey it was nice to see you on this VLOG! WOW! I am really proud of you. What you are doing is amazing thing! I would love to make donation. I perfer to mail it to you, addy please. 🙂 Keep up the positive work and the world is changing because of you. You inspired me and you will inspire others ecspecially deaf-blind children or adults. Hugs _\m/
    -Sand Germinaro

  2. DeafWoman says:

    Hi Coco
    I’m so glad I found your website awhile ago and have been reading/watching your blogs/vlogs, you are an amazing woman, you truly are!!! I want to help support your cause from time to time. I can sense your excitement and desire to help meet Nigeria’s goal to set up class(es) for the Deaf-Blind children for they deserve to feel hope and have a better future!! Best of luck and God bless you abundantly! Hugs!

  3. Jessica says:

    Curious..do you know how many deaf-blind children are living in Nigeria now? And will you only focus on Nigeria or will the areas surrounding Nigeria be included?

    What a wonderful opportunity and experience you will gain from going there. Looking forward to your updates from Nigeria.

  4. billy says:

    lovely vlog! am sending you an email msg right now. xoxo

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