Vlog: New Sign for “Usher Syndrome” and “Sighted” People

Bonjour again! Seems like I’m itching to vlog every day of this week – so many ideas, so many topics to cover! Hopefully I’ll find volunteers willing to transcribe every and each of these vlogs… pronto!

I have a special vlog for you. Others have seen it on Facebook and on my Xanga site – and they’ve given rave reviews! This one is about discovering two new signs for Usher Syndrome and Sighted.

View this vlog and let me know what you think! Spread the word!

Power to Deaf Blind People!

tactile love,


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17 Responses to Vlog: New Sign for “Usher Syndrome” and “Sighted” People

  1. Hildaholics says:

    Och, i like it!! I will use this sign! 🙂
    Anyway it was glad to see you back! 🙂
    Huves hilde (from Flanders, North of Belgium)

  2. ProudASL says:

    For a sign to be accepted in a language, it has to be used in the culture for a while. You can’t just ask people, why not!

    One other thing, I hate it when people like to have signs reflecting what it looks like. Iconic and abitiury signs are two different things. For example, TREE or BOOK, that is a iconic sign. LIKE or BLUE is abitiury sign. Hearing people really prefer iconic signs (I know this because I teach ASL to hearing students).

    And that sign doesn’t look cool at all. Also, as native ASL user, it doesn’t feel right.

  3. To ASL:
    Maybe it doesn’t feel right to you because you’re sighted. You’re not a member of the Deaf Blind community. You have no clue how we feel when it comes to signing Usher Syndrome.
    Plus, you said that “it has to be used in the culture for a while” in order to be considered a language. You’re right. I never said it was an official word for sign language, I said it was a “sign” meaning it could be a gesture. Now, people could use it more often thus turning it into a language.
    You sound very cynical. Perhaps you want ASL to remain the same, not to grow. Sorry, but ASL evolves everyday – embrace it. I know a lot of people have embraced the idea of 90 and 05…. it spreads positiveness, and God knows our DB community needs that.
    But thanks for putting in your linguistic 2 cents.

  4. Deafkathy says:


    One little thing I’d like to see this vlog improved is the speed of your video, it seems blurry. Hope next vlog is better.

    Thanks for listening.

  5. LaRonda says:

    Hi Coco.

    I like the sign. It reflects a positive self-image rather than a medical one. I see nothing wrong with spreading the word to see if the deaf-blind and deaf communities start using it. I liked the glow in your face and your bright smile as you explained the story behind the sign and the feelings of self-worth applied to it.

    To me, the new sign you showed us for Usher’s Syndrome looks more like ASL than the old one using the “u” and the “s” on the face. That “u” and “s” sign looks like it is a borrowed sign from English. I can understand why the gesture of the circle closing by your eye feels more conceptually accurate. It’s less medical.

    Like deafhood, deaf-blindhood is also a journey to become the best deaf-blind person one can be. I understand your desire to be represented in the most positive way, using the gesture that most accurately represents who you are as a person on that journey through Usher’s Syndrome.

    You have my support!

    ~ LaRonda

  6. ChrisH says:

    You borrow sign from Quebec Sign Language Canada, but I admit that I like it.

  7. h... says:

    i keep my mind open with those signs… i will ask my db friends for their opinions on those new signs this weekend. keep you posted.

  8. M says:

    Hi Christine

    You have many good points about the choice of signs so I thank you for teaching us the new sign for “sighted” and “RP”. I worked with deaf-blind people in one project and learned quite a lot from them. Yes, Deaf people should respect Deaf-blind people and their sign preferences.

    You are a future leader in both Deaf and Deaf Blind community. Best of luck with your VSO work in Nigeria. Please do send us updates!

    You may want to contact Joe McLaughlin, a Deaf Canadian, who now works as Dean of Deaf Studies and Special Services at Ohlone College in Ohio. He spent a few years working with deaf people in India. The other person was Bev Buchanan who spent three years teaching deaf children in Thailand (VSO).

  9. M says:

    Ooops! I realized I was wrong. Ohlone College is in California, not Ohio.

  10. Casdok says:

    I liked the sign to!

  11. SkyBlue says:

    I like the new signs. Very cool. Thanks for sharing with us. 🙂

  12. Vanessa says:


    Awesome! That is a good idea for both signs.

    I am Deaf myself but I do work as Deaf Intervenor in Ontario for so many years. I am glad that one of my DB friend forwarded me this website link. I think I will start using both signs in the Deaf and Deaf-Blind community as long as my DB friends accept it.

    Anyway, hands wave for your idea!!! It is true that ASL will always change same as any other languages.

    You have my support! 🙂 Christine, if you would like to contact me, you are welcome to contact me but please keep my address private – thanks. 🙂 Cheers!

  13. Carrie says:

    I really like that sign, but I do not have a say but I think it is very positive and gives more of a clear aspect of Ushers. I have quite a few friends that have ushers and I think they would like it too! I am a Deaf-Blind Intervenor and also have the great opportunity of working with some awesome people who have ushers and that sign would make more sense than the US. Good luck!

  14. TiffanyNicole says:

    Very nice with positive smile, That is awsome ideas of yours and happy signs make them feel they are not alone to neg but to be positive with awsome sign languages. It is neato. I uses this sign language and see what my buddies think and might they comes by confusion and ask me what is that? Cute hehe! I’d love saying in fast and slow mode have them figure out what it is. Til they wouldn’t think then I’d say in last =-) Its nice video you made there. ❤ To COCO

  15. Shari says:

    Hi Coco,

    Interesting. I think they are more positive signs, too. The old “U” and “S” is so negative to me. We need more positivity with US.

    Take care.

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  17. barbara says:

    hi coco, just having dinner with your uncle chris, he showed me your website and i think what you’re doing is pretty much awesome, thank you for making this world better for the kids in africa! bless you, barbara l

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