Blog: I Support Tactile in (any) Language!

Bonjour! Comment ca va? Tres bien.

Hallochen! Wie geht’s dir? Mir geht’s gut.

(asl) Hey! how you? me good. 🙂

I think I have learned 6 languages.

English, American Sign Language, French, Langue Signes des Quebecois, German, Deutsche Gebardensprache. I don’t know if that includes Universal Sign Language (not official), But that is how beautiful sign language is. Freedom of expression. Learning how to speak is good when coupled with sign language. It helps us how to cope easier as a minority. I wish I could speak well. Becoming blind has its difficulties and communication with a hearing stranger is very difficult.But I prize my ability to sign. It makes me feel so free and creative.

Since becoming more blind, I have a newfound appreciation for sign language. In a world of darkness and silence, I find it very calming and reassuring that I can communicate with 135 countries. That is how many countries (and more) have people who sign. I am going to Nigeria soon and I intend to tactile with them. A whole new world.

What is so evil about our culture? The way society portrays us as sick, disabled, helpless, mute, dumb, special, and so on?

Sign language keeps us alive, So let’s keep it alive.

tactile love,

(do a ILY sign and put it under someone’s palm)


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One Response to Blog: I Support Tactile in (any) Language!

  1. theexpatriate says:

    Oh yes, nothing evil about spreading the love of our language!!


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