Politics: Show Your Support for Deaf Blind Relay Services!


(credit goes to Dan Arabie, The American Association for the Deaf Blind, Kristen Fredericks-Chapman and John Lee Clark)

Excerpt from John Lee Clark:

I wanted to let you know that the Federal Communications Commission is open to comments from the public on DeafBlind Relay Service. This period lasts only thirty days, so now is your opportunity to write a few words.

The deadline is February 4th.

Two of the easiest ways to submit your comments are:

E-mail me at HYPERLINK

“mailto:johnlee.clark@comcast.netjohnlee.clark@comcast.net. Your comments
should be addressed to the FCC, not to me, and needs to include a mailing address.

Or post your comments on-line on the FCC Web site through:



The proceeding code number is 03-123.

If you have not yet read about DeafBlind Relay Service, a free and unlimited service that would dispatch Communication Facilitators to DeafBlind people’s homes or workplaces to relay calls in person, you can visit Hawk Relay’s Web site at

HYPERLINK “http://www.hawkrelay.com/www.hawkrelay.com.

It includes a video demonstration, along with text transcription. Also, please feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

Your support is important, but it is even more important if your support is known! Comments can be very short. If you are DeafBlind yourself, write
about how DBRS would help increase your opportunities and quality of life.

If you are not DeafBlind, you still can express your support by sharing some
thoughts on how DBRS would have a positive impact on the community.

After the comment period closes on February 4th, the FCC must make a final
decision within ninety days. So we will know by May whether DeafBlind Relay Service is approved. Your comments will absolutely make a big difference.

Let us convince the FCC to say YES to closing the gap in telecommunications
access, which Title IV of the Americans with Disabilities Act requires. But before they can say YES to this, we need to say YES ourselves.

Thank you for your time in reading this and considering showing your support!

John Lee Clark

HYPERLINK “mailto:johnlee.clark@comcast.netjohnlee.clark@comcast.net

Hawk Relay

HYPERLINK “http://www.hawkrelay.com/www.hawkrelay.com

Coco’s Commentary

In the innovative age of Deafhood, our lives become more comfortable with technology that is increasingly becoming accessible for people with hearing loss. But it also means that those with hearing AND visual loss are slowly following behind with exclusions due to “two disabilities”. Companies abide by the ADA which nowadays are more concerned about meeting the auditory requirements to ensure DEAF people are more “in tune” with hearing people.

Hearing blind people are better off. True that. There are ATM machines that are voice-activated with braille. But no pop-up braille display for Deaf Blind. Get it? That’s just an atom of our problems we face as Deaf Blind people.

We would be “okay” if there was accessibility for us EVERYWHERE….. as Deaf people, you gotta understand.

So – sighted, blind, DB, deaf, motivation-impaired – DO IT.

Empower many others – in the thousands or even millions – by adding your signature. You’ll change lives.

Merci beaucoup,

Christine “Coco” Roschaert

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2 Responses to Politics: Show Your Support for Deaf Blind Relay Services!

  1. Candice says:

    Wow!! Incredible! I am so excited about this and hope this gets put into affect. Rebecca is not yet to the point of even using a TTY, but I’m excited about all the opportunities this will open for her! This is fabulous! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Mike says:

    Have you checked out http://www.ers-relay.com. They seem to have a good and affordable service. Its so easy to make calls using just the internet.

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