Blog: Us, Exploited? You, Ignorant!

Today when I ventured onto DeafRead for my daily dose, I came across Carl Schroeder’s vlog, “Stop Exploiting the DeafBlind!” and I was genuinely surprised at Carl for making such accusations towards v/bloggers who in turn wanted to provide ACCESSIBILITY to DeafRead’s DeafBlind patrons.


First of all, Carl, you are NOT DeafBlind. You’ll never have the misfortune to become one. You simply have NO idea what the DeafBlind community has gone through in the past millennium, with advancing technologies and ignorance that puts us further behind with our DEAF peers.


I grew up Deaf. I went to a Deaf school for 15 years before going to Gallaudet and completing my Bachelor’s. I have hundreds of Deaf friends. I was involved in the Unity for Gallaudet protest, and I embrace my Deafhood foremost before my blindhood. Yet, with shifting changes in the scope of Deaf telecommunications and social standards, the DeafBlind are not being considered for their upbringing as a Deaf person, rather, for their blindness. That’s the problem many people in general have with us – they think of us as BLIND people rather than DEAF people. Forget that we grace ASL skills, forget that we support activism to up the educational standards for the Deaf, forget that we have this thirst for knowledge that circulates through the sighted Deaf community. Forget me, whom had dedicated 28 years of my life being part of the Deaf community. The same goes to thousands of near-sighted, blurry-sighted, full-blind, or those with Usher Syndrome.


Carl, instead of accusing the others of pitifully exploiting us, see through that mindset that ASL needn’t be ruined for anyone else – the hearing, the oral, the parents, the ASL-deprived, the DeafBlind, you should think about how to provide accessibility for us other than “summaries” and removing subtitles. Think of logical solutions, rather than going against the v/bloggers who are attempting to call into foray the “forgotten” – the DeafBlind v/bloggers who matter. That, my friend, is deficit thinking. It wasn’t expanded nor logical, rather a unjustified rash of emotions surging from your passion of ASL. You forgot that people like me who are blind have the same passion for ASL and are being left out of the increasing number of vlogs made.


I have a number of vlogs with transcripts, and am working on a “library” of transcripts. I have gotten comments and emails from the legally blind and the hearing that they appreciate the transcripts, because it helps them have an idea of what I am talking about – even if the transcriber did not translate 100% from what I had signed of. But it is also my responsibility to EDIT the transcript to my preference.

As for subtitling, it does NOT have to happen, but transcripts are a wonderful alternative…. Yet, we have to practice what we preach with subtitling – if we demand to the hearing majority that we want accessibility through captions, we should do the same thing for them so they can SEE that the Deaf community has issues and pride and passion.

You forget that the Deaf community is “forgotten” to the hearing majority – and right now, the DeafBlind people feel forgotten to their own Deaf community.


Please stop pointing fingers and in turn, be creative with ideas how we all can be involved. It would be a sad day when I become blind completely and am completely shut out of everything ASL.


Unite, not divide.

Tactile love, Coco Roschaert


To v iew Carl’s vlog:

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  1. Misha says:

    *hands wave*

    I agree with you, Coco. Actually, I disagreed with Carl’s vlog about exploition on DB. Well, he refuses to put up the captions, that is fine and his prerogative. But he can’t twist our arms by forcing us not to put up the captions. It’s the people’s choice.

    Misha 😀

  2. anna s says:

    Thank you for speaking up as I was waiting for that from you!

    I am greateful to have a Deafblind sister-in-law and she has taught me a lot. Looking back, I realize I was ignorant on many things relating to Deaf Ushers especially when it comes to communication. It does not matter if one has been Deaf and of Deaf parents, the person could still be ignorant.

    Carl, in my opinion, is ignorant or maybe just eccentric. (: He may be going to be firm with his views as usual, but at least the majority of us are for subtitling/transcripting.

    Have a good day!

  3. kmayes says:

    Kudos to you. I was disturbed by Carl’s vlog. I am glad that you spoke up…

    What bothers me is the oppression going on within our deaf community… I am writing a blog about this right now.

  4. Dianrez says:

    You go, Coco! I was also waiting for you to respond to Carl’s sentiment and put the proper light on it, and you did it well!

    None of us will know if we will someday lose sight or in our elder years need more assistance with viewing. Captions and transcripts will be even more welcome in the future than now as Boomers age.

    Let’s keep encouraging vloggers to subtitle and give recognition to those who put in the love and do it well. This is for you, Seek Geo!

  5. Coco, this is my first time here and I’m glad to read your post. I took great affront at Carl’s vlog and I couldn’t even understand it because I don’t know ASL. His title alone said it all. My daughter and I are both deaf with cochlear implants and I work everyday to ensure that she has acccess both academically and socially. We should all be supportive of one another no matter which communication method we use. Kudos to you for speaking up!

  6. ChrisH says:

    We will be not working for us unite, not divide. There are smaller vloggers in Deafread than the largest bloggers.

  7. ChrisH says:

    I want to see Paula, Mike and Paotie who should try to sign in vlog and add subtitle or transcripts.

  8. Coco, you go girl! I stand behind you all the way, and I’m glad you took Carl to task. Keep fighting for access… we ARE listening to you and will give you equal access! The reasonable ones anyway. 😉

  9. kim says:

    Coco–Thanks for saying this. 🙂

  10. seekgeo says:

    Hi Coco!!

    Wow.. what an excellent post! Coming from you really make a big impact on us. Don’t worry, many of us won’t be wasting our time to listen these kind of people’s complains. They forget that it is a personal choice of each other’s preference rather than trying to twist our arms by refusing to provide subtitles and/or transcripts.

    I’m with DP about “we ARE listening to you” and others, too. You have our great supports!

    With all my love!

  11. WAD says:

    Coco, I am with you.

  12. Darryl Hackett says:

    Hi CoCo!

    I cannot agree with you more! I was taken back by Carl’s article when I watched his vlog. I knew you would went after him with your thought-provoking response.

    What a great article you wrote!

    I am going to forward your article to one of my close friends, Todd whom you know in real life. I am sure he will express his support to your response.


  13. deafchipmunk says:


    Thanks for expressing your views with us all. I am going to try my improvement on subtitles for others who need accessibility. We need to show our role model to the world that we can do that.

    Just let you know I just made subtitle on my last vlog.

    Put ASL Above AGBAD Come On


  14. Darryl Hackett says:


    No comment?

    You owe an apology and a full retraction to not only Coco but also DeafBlind and Ushers Syndrome people and their friends who always support them.

  15. Jean Boutcher says:

    Coco, I am behind you! It is my heart and mind that tell me to BE SENSITIVE and considerate of people of all walks of life. Keep fighting for equal
    communication access (ECA).

  16. Another thought says:

    Whew …. I suppose Carl is now tucking his tail and going out with a whimper with this blog. Maybe he needs to take a good look at himself in the mirror and think twice before creating this choas for himself with being ignorant. He replied, no comment! He just acted like the oppressor himself .. when it was only a suggestion to provide transcripts for vloggers to all people which equals to ACCESS to information.

    As a proud Ushers myself, who use ASL fluently and very active in the Deaf community, I say thank you Carl for opening a great can of worms :}
    and providing yourself as an example of an oppressor. For him.. what goes around comes around to him ..

  17. Richard Roehm says:

    From his videoblogs. it’s very safe to suggest Carl is against captioning and hes against literacy in the deaf communities.

  18. Bryen says:

    I was going to blog about Carl’s statement in my site, but when I saw your blog and the comments, I decided to just keep it all here. One good place with well spoken reasons by everyone.

    I’m am also a DB-er, living with Ushers.

    I’ll respect Carl’s reasons for not captioning his own videos, but I too took great offense in his implication that the existence of Deaf Blind community diminishes ASL. WHAT THE HELL?!? I’ve been an ASLer all my life. He says not to caption and to keep ASL pure.

    How dare he express that we are an impurity in the Deaf community.

    Again, he has the right to his opinions. But my opinion of someone who makes a statement and then comes back with “No Comment” (See above in his response to this article) is someone without a backbone, and without and personal self pride. It’s disgusting. But hey… that’s my opinion. 🙂

  19. Coco says:

    Thank you, everyone, for your outpouring of support. I nearly pissed my pants laughing when Carl said “no comment”. I got you good, didn’t I?

    Bryen et al – please please write your own blog, write your opinion… it needs to get out in the open. I want there to be a backlash, I want DB people to be present. “My name is _______ and I am a DB b/vlogger”.
    I often get the sentiment that I am one of very few v/bloggers who are DB and posting issues out there.
    Deficit Thinking and CIs got so much debate – as well as AGbell – let’s do this for the DB community.
    Again, thank you for your comments. Really appreciate it.

  20. White Ghost says:

    *Big Smacky, Coco*

    Don’t forget that Carl is a doctorate student, perhaps, was.

    Thanks to the technology’s help, DB have strived with effort to gain into the independence world.

    DeafBlind community in Washington State has the largest population in the USA.

    Many agencies and organizations will watch him and get to know how unpretentious he is….pfffttt, Carl.

    I am piqued to learn how distasteful Carl is……

  21. Barb DiGi says:

    Hugs to you, Coco!

    You have every right to express your thoughts and needs not only as a DB person but as a human being who has the passion to enjoy by having the opportunity to participate in the Deaf v/blogging world.

    Please continue to educate the Deaf blogsophere about what works for DB people. I have some questions that I want to improve the quality of the transcript and the blog entry. I just wonder if you are able to read some blogs that have small font size (under 12 pts)? What is the recommended minimum font size to write up a transcript or a blog entry? Is there any particular color? Thanks for answering my questions as I look forward to see the improved quality of the Deaf v/blogosphere.

    Keep on rocking!

  22. IamMine says:

    Thank you, Coco! 🙂

    I just am terrible at translation for my vlogs and quite frankly, they are not interesting. 😀

    But that’s not the point, is it? I’m going to keep you in mind the next time I do!

    When things settle down a little bit (I have so much to catch up in life other than school), I’ll look into affordable subtitling programs and how to work with them!

    Keep educating us, Coco! 🙂


  23. DT says:

    For Carl to come in here and only say, “No comment”, to me, is a form of bullying. I guess he’s a modern day Bell the other way.

  24. Concerned says:

    COCO,My embraced friend COCO,

    Firstly, Let me congrats on Mike McDonnell, Paotie and Karen Mayes’ so called accomplishment to divide in the Deaf community. They exploited deaf blind people by using them as their pawns. They do not care about the deaf community and ASL. All They want to destroy in the Deaf community. That is so sick game.

    Paotie wrote post about Patty in order to blind her what was
    his true agenda by using flatter method. Patty overlooked
    the real agenda of Mike McDonell, Paotie, and Karen Mayes.
    They are very angry people and want to revenge the Deaf community just because of their one time bad experience with one bad apple. That’s how serious their deficit thinking is.

    Secondly, JJ is a different story. He speaks from his heart. He cares about the deaf and deaf blind community. He has no hidden agenda but the best for both deaf and deaf blind community.

    Please do not jump to the gun. Please watch your back. You are one of greatest activist in deaf blind, ASL, and deaf community. I know you value ASL and Deafhood. My suggestion is just stay back and evaluate what is real issue. I also suggest you to contact Carl and talk to him. You will find other side of information that will help you to understand the situation better.


  25. Jan Struhar says:

    **HAND WAVES** I knew you are brave and strong person as deafblind gal. Keep it up with your speak out…

  26. Penny says:

    Since Tayler Mayer owns Deafread. I am not sure if he gets donation from organizations. If he does then maybe he can work with someone to develop Deafread site for Deafblind with special features to enlarge screens, summaries, transcripts and etc so that way Deafblind can have access as well? I think it is not fair for Deaf bloggers/vloggers to take extra time to add subtitles and etc. They use Deafread for leisure…not for their work project with pay. Many have mentioned that it is time consuming to add subtitles on their vlogs.

    I have learned that Deafblind organizations get finance support from government, grants and other sources more than what they give to the Deaf community. Maybe one of the organizations for Deafblind can use the money to develop Deafread site for Deafblind audience? Something that you all can think about.

    We know that Deafblind people use ASL but Deaf people do not rely on subtitle if a vlog is shown in ASL. However, Deafblind people do…so we have different needs and if some refuse to add subtitle on their vlog in Deafread then Deafblind will get frustrated and feel rejected too. If Deafblind has their own site and if some vloggers want to add subtitles then they can send it to Deafblind site. I think this will work out for everyone.

    As a Deaf person myself…it bothers me to watch Deaf vlog with subtitle because ASL is my first language. I feel comfortable watching ASL with no English in the way. If I am watching a movie on T.V. with no ASL then English can be in my way. We can’t mixed ASL and English at the same time. Many hearing people…I mean MANY of them including my hearing siblings, nieces and nephews can’t tolerate watching CC on TV because it distracted them from hearing what the audience say on TV. I finally understand how they feel because it distracted me greatly from watching Deaf vlog with subtitle.

    I hope someone can contact Tayler to develop Deafread site for Deafblind people because it will meet your needs and for other Deafblind people. I hope you will like my idea.

  27. Another thought says:

    I would like to reply to concerned no. 25

    I must say, I am somewhat loss for words with your comments. I believe Coco is right on the money when it comes giving a good picture of who the Deaf Blind, Ushers, and Deaf with other vision loss are. I do not think Coco need to watch her back as she will get a lot of support from all sort of people. If she did not say anything to challenge Carl s vlog blog about DB being exploited, she and we (DB community) would stayed oppressed. Carl made himself very clear to the world on this particular issue. It has nothing to do with Mike McDonnell, and the other names you mentioned.

    I believe what really gets to me is … when I attended for my first American Association of the Blind, AADB andSeabeck Deaf Blind retreat, the experence opened my eyes as being a DEAF Ushers individual. Why??? I was AMAZED with how all different Deaf Blind individuals from all walks of life (cochlear, oral, ASl, late deaf, hard of hearing and you could name more) had access to inoformation at the same time !!!!!!! I realized I was blind all my life by being cited to one type of thinking DEAF and ASL only. The experience made me see better and open my mind more.

    If all kinds of Deaf Blind were able to enjoy the retreat and conference in one place with variety of communication modes and etc.. then why can’t the Deaf community embrace all sort of Deaf pople from walks of life?? I say the Deaf Blind are much more UNITED than the Deaf community .

    The Deaf community would progress much more if they are united. If there s a will, then there s a way. Sure, I value ASL and Deaf culture, I value ACCESS to people from all walks of life. The issue is are you willng to or are you going continue to be selective and isolated with your one way of thinking?

  28. Davy says:

    I am listen your voice that you to speak out.
    It like brainstorm talking each other here . The more I learn and build each each other to grow understanding each other by education. Iam trying to get the picture whole Deaf community what goal want for better each other. Only thing I know is the (Key) is “Respect” each other trying to get along. It tough.


  29. Confused ASL says:

    “Concerned”, you rock! I am happy that you speak out for some of us and LUV U 2!

    I think all of you jumped into the concussion and you are speaking for yourself, not on behalf of all DeafBlind people. I understand what Carl tried to tell us about bloggers/vloggers who wanted to jump onto the bandwagon by using other people’s disabilities that they don’t have.

    I wonder why don’t people demand bloggers to translate their written articles in ASL? I think people are bullying ASL people and want to make them look stupid by not being able to translate their ASL into English. Please open your mind and understand what Carl is trying to tell us. Otherwise, you are simply sick-minded and have an urge to oppress ASL people.

    P.S., Coco, you are one of our greatest Deaf activists and please do not make Mike McConnell, Paotie and others nitwits happy by making us give up our vlogs and beautiful language. I suggest you to email vloggers privately before you can judge and make comments on them in public.

    Confused ASL

  30. mcconnell says:

    “Concerned,” you have nothing but a misguided understanding in what I do or believe. I have stated from the very beginning that I am an advocate on closing the communication gap and that technology is key to this whole thing. Hashing out a conspiracy theory about me or other people serve nothing to no one. And it is interesting that when people do that, they do so anonymously.

    While at Gallaudet I had a Deaf-Blind roommate (in Dorm 5) who was roommate with a cerebral palsy deaf person. I gotten to know him over the semesters and learned a few things about the Deaf-Blind world. It’s an not easy thing. They have it hard and we should give them our full respect on recognizing their needs to feel included….not shuned.

    In what I write has nothing to do with a “hidden agenda” or that I want “revenge with the Deaf community.” My writings serve to bring certain awareness on certain issues to the table that interests and intrigues me. If it means that I get demonized and lambasted for what I write by people like you, “Concerned,” so that Patty and many other Deaf-Blind people can have a voice so they can feel very much included like the rest of you then that is what it’ll take. It is of no concern to me. Patty, for example, is just happy that this is being discussed and that people are starting to change their minds. It’s a different perspective that many people hadn’t realized at first. But that’s changing….

    It is disingenuous and selfish of you, “Concerned,” to write in here and accuse and smear me of something that is wholly untrue. Given the anonymity of your writing in here I can guess why you choose to remain anonymous. How ironic… though not surprising.

    I have written untold number of blogs of other successful d/Deaf people that I have interviewed with such as Matt Hamill (a deaf professional UFC fighter), Greg Gunderson (professional Sprint car driver), Jason Curry (CEO/President of sComm, Inc maker of UbiDuo, Kristi Merriweather (successful black woman, educator), and Steven Sandy (a Dummy Hoy documentarian) on the need to get Dummy Hoy voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this year. Or shined a light on the need for ASL computer recognition by mentioning Christian Vogler at last year’s Vlog/Blogger Conference at Gallaudet University who has done his PhD work on computer ASL-recognition and facial recognition work where Gallaudet University failed to recognize his work.
    (see ).

    It is people like YOU who attempt to censor and suppress people like me because I don’t quite toe the line like everybody else in here. But one thing for sure, I sure as heck do recognize when there is a gap that needs to be filled on communication issues when people like Patty and others who are Deaf-Blind need a voice when it comes to subtitles and vlogs. I helped it along by pushing this issue to the top amid all the Deaf chatters out there and I’m grateful and pleased that people are now talking about it. They are taking this seriously only because I shined a light on this whole thing in the first place.

    Now, providing a transcript is fine only if you also think it’s fine when people provide you a transcript for a movie, news shows, other hearing vlogs or other video clips instead of subtitles or captions. If you’re okay with that then there is no need to complain about the lack of captioning in videos or tv shows. But it’s not quite the same thing is it?

    But to offer a transcript is better than nothing and I see it as sometimes as a half-assed effort to provide some sort of quasi-inclusiveness for the DB community when they would most rather see subtitles alongside at the same time with ASL vlogs or any vlogs for that matter. Still, for them, some information is better than none at all.

    “Concerned,” let’s pray that you won’t become visually impaired someday and realize the difficulty of following a signed ASL vlog or video without subtitles. I can only sympathize with those who are Deaf-Blind or Deaf and visually impaired on their need to feel wholly included in a Deaf community.


    As a footnote, JJ agreed with me completely recognizing the needs of Deaf-Blind people when it comes to subtitling vlogs.

  31. Julie Rems-Smario says:

    Hands WAVING… It is important remember that we need to practice what we preach. We can always be allies for anyone but not without their permission and leadership.

    Keep up with your great work. I know one of your friends who is an intern at DeafHope and she speaks highly about you. I hope to meet you.

  32. BECKY says:

    This is my first time on blog. I agreed all the way with Penny.

  33. Another thought says:

    Penny …

    I respect your suggestions. At the same time, I am speechless. Do you realize you are acting like the oppressors by saying all that? This is a great model of how hearing people think of captioning for Deaf people and etc etc etc…

    It is not hard to write a transcript. If Vloggers really want to get their messages out .. then they ought to do it bilingual model which requires to use ASL and English. We can do without subtitling on the vlog itself but the transcript excuse .

    We are to be the models of how Deaf people can use ASl and write English.

  34. Floridagirl says:

    Remembering that the last time I saw the commentor’s thought there was ASL itself not language as he/she watched seekgeo’s sign language which looked like it matched subtitles. It caused the commentor to lead to misconcept. This is best for me to suggest and I’d rather read transcript below view the ASL vlog for reason two languages are separated.

    There are some Deaf people who have learning disability and also have low function to struggle to read blogs. It is sad for not equals to ACCESS to information to visual ASL.

    What is it about why both low function and learning disability Deaf people clearly understand to watch Carl in the ASL vlog which helps them to improve their knowledge.

    You are absolutory right contact him, .Another thought. I Believe Carl has probably his prophecy

    I refuse to discuss with this a small group of people who really aren’t qualified to make medical comments.

    PS, I am curious if by the way, you will support young Deafblind receive CI.

  35. Lisa C. says:

    Thank you very much for sharing this with us right away. I agree with you. (kissing my fist) you!
    My husband works with 11 deafBlind clients from whom I have been learning lot and he would NOT like it when he read Carl’s blog and would disagree with him.

  36. seekgeo says:


    *shakes his head* Here we go again, Floridagirl, one of these people who feels the need to put me down. Againand again, like I said before I sign like I normally sign in person except to be more clear in video because it can be hard to understand some of others if you move your hands too fast and can easily miss a few here and there.

    I never sign every word to be exact, “I am going to the store and do you want to come with me?”



  37. Concerned says:

    Coco: My bad with many typos in my 1st comment. I was rush to get my coffee. You know how Washington people with coffee thing. :op

    Mike: I am deaf and legally blind. My brother knows you. He’s hard of hearing. He shared his experience when he met you at Gallaudet. What he had described you as a person was that you have an erotic gratification derived from admiration of one’s own physical or mental attributes. You would exploit anyone who would benefit you in helping you to destroy the deaf community and ASL.

    At Gallaudet, my brother remembered you as a student that you stayed in your room all the times. You complained all the times that no one wanted to talk to you. My brother came to Gallaudet and didn’t know sign language. He made many friends. They respected him. He care and always have respected for the deaf community. With you, how can they talk to you while you constantly backlash and mock at the Deaf community? People were turned off the fact that you kept on talking and bragging about yourself that you were better than the deaf community.

    I know Coco very well. She is intelligent and beautiful woman. She will see things much better when she calms down. She is a strong advocate in deaf blind community and ASL. Mike, she will find out the truth about you eventually. Most of us know that you are up to no good when it comes to the Deaf community. I read your posts; I was shocked how you tried to demean ASL and the Deaf community. We can identity how angry man you are. We actually feel sorry for you.

    JJ and you are different people. JJ is the ones who speak the truth from his heart. You are the ones who are manipulator by deceiving people that you care but really you are doing this for yourself so you feel the rush of being superior. You are a champ vainglorious actor.



  38. Richard Roehm says:

    Floridagirl, we train the deafblind to use sonar equipment to help them navigate independently.

    Here’s a video of us training one.

  39. Anonymous says:

    You go, girl!!!!

  40. Floridagirl says:

    Andrew Says:
    November 10th, 2007 at 2:07 pm

    “I don’t think ASL is a language, but is a method of communicating in English. In order for it to be classified as a language, there needs to be substantial literature and culture. ASL is a method of communication in one’s native language, such as English. All languages go through changes. Do you have a degree in linguistics? I think that before you discuss topics like this, you need to do more research, perhaps take college level classes.”

    From your Is ASL Fading Away Or Not? Vlog.

    This reminds me what the commentor did misunderstand, seekgeo

  41. Another thought says:

    and to concerned..

    does that mean your brother spent all his waking time watch how Mike lived at Gallaudet?? shaking my head…

    Gosh .. I suppose we all have rights to exploit eachother now right .. because ???????

    it makes one feel good above the other .. I guess ..

  42. valerie says:

    Thank you for captioning the blog. I would watch it from oversteam, I choose not to visit the blog. We can do something very powerful – ignore the vlogs or blogs we disagree with.

    I had an arguement with Carl on this site this week over this comments. He stated to me that he has been a teacher for 29 years and started in regular education before moving to deaf education for the last 6. This is the type of person who is teaching our children.

  43. Coco says:

    Now I am concerned with the direction you are taking your comments. I see you “know” me well and I think clearly while I calm down – which is somewhat true – but I have brought up an issue that resonates with many of the previous issues in the DB community… and I know I am right on the money when I saw that Carl was not right in his judgment and that there are ideas out there that need to be used to make v.blogs more accessible. Mind my tone, see thru the message.
    I really didn’t appreciate you dragging out Mike’s name on MY site.. if you have a beef with him or vice versa – email one another in private.
    My site is NOT for anyone to backstab, make foolish statements, hurl insults. It is a place for productive and logical discussions.

    I thought of a “transcript” business within an interpreting agency – a venture if you may – using CDIS to translate into transcripts.

    I agree with McConnell’s statement that DB people have the NEED to be wholly informed. Only if you all knew… the amount of signed, visual, verbal, environmental information we were missing out on. It’s sometimes devastating.

    I’m all for change. Ideas anyone?
    Keep the PEACE everyone, please.
    xoxo Coco

  44. Lane says:

    Carl, please go read DarylHackett’s 2nd comment again.

  45. Another thought says:

    I can’t believe what Valerie said that Carl Schroeder been teaching for 29 years because he ignores or leaves readers’ questions unanswered. A teacher always cares for people and explains what readers don’t understand what he says. I refuse to believe that he’s a teacher. I’ll ask my friends at Gally if they know anything about him.

  46. michele says:

    Hi Coco,

    I know this issue was brought up by you a couple of months ago, you felt very frustrated and then there were a couple of people wanting to help transcript vlogs. Ben Vess was one of them who had this dream of setting up a transcript business within DeafRead, I don’t know what happened to it.

    I wish this was discussed at the DeafRead conference a few weeks ago, shucks!

    Some deaf people aren’t very comfortable with the English language, it is a barrier for some of them so I can understand their reclutance and discomfort but at the same time, it is hard for deaf blind people like you to thoroughly enjoy watching vlogs. Both groups are feeling oppressed right now and there must be a way for this so that the oppression is lifted off.

    We need to brainstorm and come up with ideas on how we can resolve this whole thing. I like Penny’s suggestion. We need to still encourage deaf people to continue with vlogging but if they are pressurized to caption their vlogs, then the vlogs may be diminished which we do not want so we need to make sure that they feel comfortable in doing this. Maybe someone like Richard Roehm, if he is willing to help with captioning vlogs as I see that he is very motivated to do that to do some of the vlogs or have someone do the transcripting work.

    Also can Deafblind people write a blog on how to make vlogs more presentable for db people to watch like background color, whatever, or give an example of what a vlog may “look” like to a db so that we can get an idea of how hard it is for you to watch vlog and we can come up with something.

    When there is a WILL, there is always a WAY!

  47. mcconnell says:

    “Concerned,” not sure what you meant by “admiration of one own’s physical or mental attributes” since I certainly wasn’t big back then, not like I am today. LoL.

    Your brother has certainly the wrong take on what I did back then. He never knew me unless he had the uncanny ability to follow me everywhere I went, even to George Washington University where I attended several classes. Or to the bowling alley with my friends. Or to the old “Ratskellar” bar that was originally on the first floor of Student Union Building with my friends. Or Rock Festival with my girlfriend. Or to the Gally football games and homecomings. Or the tutorial center where I was a math and physics tutor. Or even to the bars, DC Mall, museums and such outside of Gallaudet on several occasions along with several other people. But sure, I stayed in my room or at the library which where I studied. Not exactly unexpected if you do that IF you’re a serious student in the first place. Though big social scenes are not really my bag. I prefer to go with several close friends and congregate at places we all can enjoy for a good time.

    I made friends over the years at Gallaudet. Had girlfriends, met my wife over there, and met numerous others where I still maintain contact with them to this day. And I also rediscovered a few more of them with the help of the power of the internet like many others have done lately. I even made a few friends via the VAX machine at Gallaudet by meeting them in person (see “VAX WARS” in my blog). But it IS interesting that you are trying to smear me as a social outcast is quite humorous because it’s not even close. I choose my friends carefully, thank you.

    It’s funny that you say that “I complained” that no one came over to visit me which is laughable since I don’t complain at all. Friends did come over to my dorms. I visited their dorms, too. No big mystery there. I was a studious person unlike the people I found drunk in the stairwells, elevators or the lounge areas of dormitories. I chose to be with a particular group of people that align well with me. Again, more unfounded stories by you in the attempt to smear me because you simply do not like my blogs? Is that’s the reason?

    “Concerned.” I am an advocate on closing the communication gap. Patty has made very clear that the D-B is often times seen at the bottom of the Deaf totem pole and I share her concerns on how she feels about that when her vlogging experience is limited. She feels marginalized. Unless you, as a D-B person, feels that is not the case, then please explain to the readers why so that we all may understand better. One person’s perspective can be vastly differnet from another. It doesn’t mean they are wrong. Just a different perspective. So, please, do not put words into my mouths or attempt at ESP thinking what I think or feel. You have NO idea.

    Now, if you say that you were “shocked” at how I, supposedly so, “demean” ASL please show the readers here the link to where and how I have “demeaned” ASL. That’s a challenge to you. Supporting evidence(s) provides a stronger backup to your argument/claim about me and ASL. Talking about it is not even proof at all. Anyone can do that but to back that up with proof is another story. I support communication choices but that is not about demeaning ASL but simply about choices. My choice is that I prefer to speak instead of signing in my vlogs is not demeaning ASL, far from it! It’s a preference. A choice. And I am keen to add subtitles to my vlogs because accessible communication access, as everyone knows, is vitally important. And I’m a big advocate on using and supporting technology that help close that communication gap even narrower.

  48. michele says:


    I understand but then the emotion, body language, facial expressions and all that are gone when you “speak” to us in your vlog. It is very hard for us to watch you, knowing that you have ASL skills and that you prefer to speak over ASL. To us, you are speaking like a hearing person, not a deaf person with oral skills so it is hard for us to relate. I hope you can get my drift….

  49. mcconnell says:


    There’s that expression again…

    “ a hearing person..”

    In other words, I “act” too hearing? Or in this case, I “act like a hearing person”?

    No. I am…me. A person who has a hearing loss who prefer to speak as I have done so throughout my entire life. I use the phone without any problems, conference calls, field radios, video conferencing, meetings, talk to people and so on. How does that make me “like a hearing person”? I am… I don’t pretend to be a hearing person because I DO have a hearing loss and I do miss somethings but by no means do I go around at “act hearing.” I let people know when to speak up or re-clarify what they said. What’s next, call SEE signers as “acting Deaf”?

    Please see it from my perspective as a person who have spoken and listened his entire life. I choose to speak! Now, if we were to meet in person, sure, I’d sign like I have done so many times when I meet other Deaf people. But when it comes to my own personal vlogs on deaf issues I talk and include subtitles. There are more people out there who are like me (call them “acting hearing” if you wish) than there are people who are Deaf and rely solely on ASL to communicate. People have the preferences and their reasons for that.

    Not to take offense, Michelle, but please accept me for who I am and my choices here.

  50. Concerned says:

    Like my brother said, Mike will never learn because he has this disorderly mental illness, “ME” syndrome!

    Mike: ” “admiration of one own’s physical or mental attributes” simply means you have very severe narcissistic personality.
    Did you know people who think that they are ugly or have a body with amount of fats on the top of flabby muscle (like your past and current body) could develop the narcissistic personality?

    You are not even that big. Dream on, Mike!

    You refused to sign just because you want to oppress the deaf community and have a motivation to press some deaf people’s old wounds. I am sure no other ethnicity and race community would respect for you because you have no idea how to respect others and to work with their community like what you did to the deaf community. Many of us already are aware your evil, hidden and manipulation intention to the deaf community. Soon or later, people will wake up and realize who you really are.

    I love Matt Hamilton (misspell) because he is good at speaking even better than you, Mike, and he always signs in front of the deaf community. He always said he needs reminders to remind him using sign language while he’s being interviewed but with his emotion level that is so high, he keep on forgetting to use sign. He supports the deaf community. He is our inspiration. Matt once said, he found his home, which is the deaf community.

    It’s sad to witness that you use your speaking as your weapon. That is screwed up.



  51. Concerned and Mike: take the fight outside of this ring. This kind of conversation is not welcome. I thought I made that clear?
    Stop this please.

  52. mcconnell says:

    My apologies, and I agree, CoCo. I’ll address this elsewhere.

  53. Pingback: FYI: This site is written by a Deaf-Blind Guy | CHAT WITH BRYEN

  54. Lurker says:

    I posted this in Carl’s comment log on that video he made about exploiting DB viewers. I’m not too sure whether if he will allow it to be displayed or not. This is what I wrote.

    Before you begin reading this comment, this is not in any way aimed to bash out directly at you. This is to just show you your attitude in a different light. That kind of attitude is why hearing people have disregarded Deaf people’s crying requests for equal communication access to everything feasible.

    Your tone sets out to just sound like you don’t care what hearing viewers, who may not be as understanding as Deaf viewers are but still equal, may have to say and you want them to stay in the dark. Let’s reverse roles for a minute here. How would you feel if you were watching a widely popular television show and the captions just stopped abruptly because the show producers felt their target audiences were the hearing parts?

    That would be total disregard for a small group of viewers but still viewers nonetheless. What you are trying to do right now will set us back hundreds of years in progress towards equal respect and civility by the hearing community.

    Maybe the next time you do something like this, you’ll think about what it would feel like if you were in their shoes. Just something for you and other viewers to think about.

    Bye for now,

  55. theexpatriate says:

    Big hugs to my 90 sister!

    Thank you so so so much for doing this blog!! We, DBers, need more strong advocates like you!

    Why is it that other people speak up and support us, the others feel the need to sacrifice them all for the name of Deafhood? It baffles me.

    My perspective throughout all of this was just for subtitles, if not, transcripts. I wasn’t asking for an all-out-war with personal comments hurling out at each other.

    Picture this.. how would you feel if you were denied closed-captioning, HOVRS/Sorenson, interpreting services because you were deemed able to function by yourself?

    Now imagine our position here.. please think twice before you assume our positions because you do not have our eyes.

    Each D/B person is individual.. no D/B person is the same. Please do not group all of them together, they have individual needs but we all share the same powerful need to have subtitles here in Deafread and to be involved.

    90 love CoCo!
    Tactile smile,
    Patty ox

  56. Mishka Zena says:

    Hey, CoCo

    Would this be a good solution? With that program, the screen is enlarged full size.

  57. Mishka,
    Not all of the vloggers have that program, but it is encouraged. Full screen does help, however, it does not solve the big kahuna in the water.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  58. Abbie says:


    I am wholeheartedly agree with you! It is completely illogical. It is a case of equal communication access everywhere.

  59. Penny says:

    I would like to reply to Coco. I made some suggestions like having Deafread owner to discuss with someone about adding site for DB…like doing transcripts and etc. You replied saying that I was acting like an oppressor. I was confused because it was not my intention at all to oppress you or other DB people. I was trying to give some ideas so you all can be accessible too. I was confused awhile ago because you suggested some ideas on Mishka Zena’s blog that I was trying to say the same thing too. Please clarify and educate me too. 🙂

  60. penny,
    please cite where i said you are an oppressor. then i can reply. thanks, coco

  61. Penny says:

    Coco- Here it is…I cut/paste part of what you said to me earlier…you can find your reply to me above.

    Penny …

    I respect your suggestions. At the same time, I am speechless. Do you realize you are acting like the oppressors by saying all that? This is a great model of how hearing people think of captioning for Deaf people and etc etc etc…

  62. Penny says:

    You did not say I was an oppressor but that I was acting like one…Please tell me exactly what I said that I acted like one. I do not want to sound like I oppressed you or DB people. I want you all to feel equal and respected like how I want others to treat me too. Thanks.

  63. Like I said, please cite – I cannot find “penny and acting like one” in the same sentence anywhere.
    But that is not the point. We are all oppressors – whether we intend to or not. Our responsibility is to self actualize and see beyond our actions to bring up more ideas how to reduce the oppressive environment. I’m not interested in rehashing the past, I’m more interested in seeing what this community of v/bloggers can come up with in order to be more inclusive. Thank you.

  64. Another thought says:

    Penny .. it was a different person with Ushers who wrote it not CoCo .. it was from Another Thought …

    but its all history now…

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