Blog: Calm after the Storm, Bring in the Tide

Only if some people out there could understand that I am not “attacking” them for their passion for ASL and vlogging, rather, showing that the frustration is coming to surface from a variety of groups in the Deaf community that share the very same passion and feel left out.

In my last post, I brought up Carl’s vlog, not to analyze his ASL skills, rather to point out the condition that most people have – Cross Cultural Blindness – especially when the Deaf community has no clue what the needs by the DeafBlind community are.

Instead of attacking me or Carl for our outspoken views (which I respect but disagree with), let’s come up with several ideas how to solve this dilemma.

I’ll throw around a few ideas and see what you all have to put in, too – and if you’re willing to take action thats great!

1. The National Association for the Deaf could establish a branch in their offices to hire CDIs to type transcriptions and subititles to those who submit their ASL vlogs. This is almost like Project Read-On. NAD could write a grant proposal to fund the program.

2. Vloggers can choose video streaming programs that offer full-screen options for the low-vision. One of them is Youtube.

3. Vloggers can establish a network of people who are willing to transcript their vlogs from ASL into English. I have several on hand who have been very helpful. I edit the transcriptions to make sure it’s what I intended to express.

4. Seek out a program that allows viewers to choose to view subtitles or turn them off – like any DVD with voice.  Then viewers can watch ASL without subtitles, others who desire to get the message can read subtitles.

Any ideas?

I would call this productive than going on the offensive. I have tried to point out the REASONS why DeafBlind people are frustrated with sighted people who simply do not understand. I used Carl’s examples to show you that an intelligent scholar like him is like any one else, like you, like them, and could be like me and experience cross cultural blindness.

My belief that in NO way will subtitling or transcribing turn ASL into a violated language, rather be all inclusive and educate others. I also believe that NO ONE should be forced to do subtitling HOWEVER it is encouraged for equal access and if there are people who agree with my ideas, then equal access will sooner become a reality once these people take action.

tactile love,  Coco

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15 Responses to Blog: Calm after the Storm, Bring in the Tide

  1. I would ignore Carl.

    And your suggestions are excellent… I don’t see how subtitling your vlogs interferes with ASL either. *shrugs*

  2. LaRonda says:


    I absolutely think your suggestions and the manor in which you responded here was very constructive and appropriate. I hold you in high regard. I appreciate you sharing solutions and writing in a respectful way.


    ~ LaRonda

  3. White Ghost says:


    *HUGS and Smack, Coco.*

    Your suggestions to the NAD are excellent! I hope Bobbie Scoggins will learn from you and will consult with the Deafblind leaders. 🙂

    Kudos to Mike Mcconnell for sparking the controversy. Thanks to him. Hug, Mike!

    Carl cannot win this. I admit that I am pretty annoyed at him for keeping posting the anonymous’ emails to target their perceptions against the DB’s frustrations. *shrugging*

    DBers and you are the fighters and I respect you all. Hats to you and the deafblind community.


  4. Jessica says:

    I agree with you and the ideas you suggested sound like proactive ones to start with. I don’t agree with Carl’s line of thinking and reasoning but he can do what he wishes with his vlogs. I understand that it may be extra time to do it and I liked what my professor in a class I am taking on distance education said, ” Just a little bit of effort on your part can make a big difference to your students.”. She was talking about how we need to consider making accommodations for others such as providing scripts with audio files, etc. I agree that when we put some effort in it, it does make a big difference for others.

  5. Richard Roehm says:

    Carl has become increasingly inflexible and brittle over the months I’ve known him. He’s one of the last folks of his kind. We’ll just let him do his thing and evaluate him as we see fit.

  6. Concerned says:

    Ignore deaf pundit, white ghost, and richard roehm! They are bad news. They have an issue with Carl. They really want the division between Carl and you. I truly hope that both of you will work it out because both of you are wonderful contributors to the deaf community and the deaf blind community.

    I supported what LaRonda said in her comment: “Your suggestions and the manor in which you responded here was very constructive and appropriate.”

    “The National Association for the Deaf could establish a branch in their offices to hire CDIs to type transcriptions and subtitles to those who submit their ASL vlogs. This is almost like Project Read-On. NAD could write a grant proposal to fund the program.”

    There is only 13 staff at NAD on the national level. It is not fair to ask them to do this job. The grant will run out eventually because we do not make a profit out of our vlogs and blogs. Why don’t
    you join NAD and create the program yourself? You are a brilliant woman and know the needs of our deaf-blind community. It will be a big help to NAD and the deaf blind community.

    What about our American Association for the Deaf-Blind? They are a big part of this procedure


  7. White Ghost says:

    Concerned —

    Why do you think that it is *not* fair to ask them to do this job?

    NAD is a wonderful organization that works on many legal issues for the deaf community. We need them as much as they need us. They learn from the deafblind community as much as ours. Coco *CANNOT* do all by herself, she needs some support and help from all of us.

    It’s only a beginning to learn from the mistake and do the right for the cause.

  8. Karen Mayes says:

    I have to agree with White Ghost.

    Concerned, there are NO bad NOR good people… we all are just people with differing opinions.

    Kudos to Coco for raising the awareness level in DeafRead toward the deafblind community and I appreciate it.

    “Bad news” Karen Mayes ;o)

  9. Another thought says:

    Hmmm … Carl will only select blogs where he sees fit. I put in several of my comments to his blogs and of course, he eliminated my comments because I have a different view??? That says a lot when one is blindsided.

    It is funny.. I have Ushers and I realize perhaps.. those who are opposed to providing transcripts are just like the AGBell organization not willing to compromise with having babies use ASL. Mind you, I am Deaf, use ASL fluently, and love being in the Deaf culture.

    I say Carl… when you start to have some kind of vision loss due to aging or … etc etc etc.. then you can promote your debates. Just like you do to hearing folks, Deaf folks who may not use ASL fluently, or have different preference of communicating. it seems you will not welcome their thoughts. What is the point… you seem to have very little support on your end take a good look at the numbers of comments.

    Why Carl, you are a teacher… I do not get you with being obessed with Deaf Blind issues… what are you so afraid of???

    ASL is STRONG, it is a beautiful visual LANGUAGE, Deaf culture and community are the backbone to ASL. At the same time, you and I among thousands of Deaf people enjoy being bilingual and some of us may be trilingual and more. English is the most difficult language to learn in the world. If Deaf people can read and write English well, why can t we do both using Vlog and the transcript blog to be written in English.

    There are hundreds of Ushers who become blind later in life that cherish ASL and use tactile because ??? you tell me Carl. We are not the one that will destroy ASL . Many of us are intelligent people who can read and write English as well. Perhaps you need some wake up call by blindfolding yourself chatting with ASL people or watch the Vlogs with transcript transformed into braille for ten minutes, I bet you will change your whole debate into a whole different perspective and DEMAND equal access. Carl, you are a teacher right ????????? I dare you to learn something new.

    While I am at it … Carl do not post anymore Deaf Blind issues unless you are willing to be a creative member on how we can continue to enjoy ASL and reading writing English (of course in separated forms).

    CoCo… let me join your team among strong DB leaaders and make some comprehensive Vlog Blog accessible to all users.

    Thank you for your time.

  10. I don’t want division in the Deaf Community. In fact, if I DID want division, I would refuse to subtitle or provide transcripts for my vlogs.

    As for NAD – I missed that part – whoops. My bad. I don’t think it’s NAD’s role to do that. We should set up an organization to do that though… I think it’s a great idea.

  11. Sighing says:

    Another thought,

    I find it hard to believe that Carl Schroeder eliminated your comments. Opposite to what he said on Aidan’s blog that it is wrong to be silent. Sighing.

  12. mishkazena says:

    Whoa! Please don’t put White Ghost and Deaf Pundit in the same category with Richard Roehm. We don’t want to give him any attention, right. 😉

    Different opinions are permissable. Having a disagreement doesn’t mean anyone is a divider of Deaf Community. More important that we respect each other despite our disagreements and hopefully we can resolve the problems. We need to work together despite our differences… keep the big picture in mind 🙂

  13. Charles says:

    This is one of the golden gems out of 16K blogposts here in DeafRead.

    cross-cultural blindness – yes. Generally signing, most of the “extreme” “fighters” of/for the ASL language or/and the D – C, the Deaf community, Deaf culture, and Deaf children do have some shades of cross-cultural blindness. I could thnk of a few. My reply would be this – if not them, who would “”speak”” up and fight to protect our language. Fight for the better future for our deaf children. We should thank them and continue “arguing”.

    To one commenter here, “he is one of the last folks of his kind”. To me, he is the first folks of his kind. Never ever before in the history of humanity that deaf people have achieved collective discourse that is accessible to them, the video in the internet and blogging. Including himself, yourself, and ourselves.

    Tactiletheworld, This is a beautiful blog. Thank you. May what we read REVERBERATE.

  14. chrisH says:

    Sorry that I found my email address was wrong. I thought you deleted my comments in your blog.

    I am bad boy.

  15. chrisH says:

    Coco, I don’t have computer at home. My computer broke 5 months ago. I usually go to the college or the library to use the computer.

    My emial address is correct. Next time, I will be careful my email address.

    Thank you.

    I had to enjoy listening to you and Carl.

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