B/Vlog: Carl, CCB & Culture Shock

Just as I was ready to log off and get in my warm cozy bed, I had to check out a few things on Google.com – and I was amused when I came across a vlog made by Carl Schroeder, the man that I currently had the pleasure of debating with over the issue of DeafBlind and vlogging.

In his vlog, Carl discusses CCB – “cross culture blindness” and culture shock, which are two different things which I agree. I’ve experienced both situations as I’ve travelled and in any situation here in America. However, I found it ironic that he made the cultural vlog and then later spoke of “keeping ASL pure” and wanting to keep transcribing and subtitling to a minimum in his latest vlog “Stop Exploiting the DeafBlind People!”. Reeks of cross cultural blindness, anyone?

This is not to offend Carl, but to bring fore what he had discussed in both vlogs and to note the irony – he, along with many others, are “blind” to the needs and inclusion of DeafBlind people and ASL. They simply do not “understand” how we feel exactly because they go through a visually different experience. I am hoping that Carl, along with others, will see that even if they don’t see the same way we do they will work on their CCB in order to develop solutions that will make everyone happy.

Just my 2 cents, feel free to bite, however, I think I’m right on the money.

tactile love, Coco

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12 Responses to B/Vlog: Carl, CCB & Culture Shock

  1. kmayes says:

    Yup… a better way to say… “we need to talk in their shoes a mile to understand them”. I cannot say “I understand you” because I’d be lying.

    Thank you for bringing this up… yes, we think we understand everyone, and it is not entirely true. :o)

  2. Dianrez says:

    So right on the money that I’ll double it and bet on it. Subtitling/captioning has nothing to do with keeping ASL pure any more than it has to do with keeping a foreign language pure. Watching a French movie with English subtitles certainly hasn’t hurt French in any way.

    Carl is perhaps being a temperamental artist in not wanting any outside element in his works. That is how “pure” figures in it, so we should see his vlogs as works of art for those who appreciate them. As with all art, everyone has their differing tastes.

    Others are more interested in reaching a wider audience and adjust their vlogs accordingly.

  3. Keri says:

    As usual, you are right on the money. 😉 Another thing to ponder is that without English, ASL would have not have been recognized as a language. Thanks to William Stokoe, he documented ASL by using codes and English gloss so English is always integral to ASL because we deafies use BOTH languages to communicate.

    P.S. Check out my vlog on my new blog. I’m trying to make my blog as DB-friendly as possible. Feedback is welcome! Hugs, mwah!

  4. White Ghost says:

    I have to disagree with Dianrez respectfully.

    Subtitling and captioning are the foul-up at the meantime the actors/actresses’ voice in the movies and TVs.

    Voicing in the foreign language are the most difficult position for the captioners/subtitlers to reach the accurate words.

    As for the ASL purity, I’ll say the same as the foreign language that reach the most difficult translation as well.

    For what I understand about the CCB, we are the same boat. I have some difficult times asking what the jokes were all about from the audience. Most of the CODA interpreters would not know what the jokes are all about. I want to mention the CODA interpreters is that they have spent amount of time with the deaf community most of their life. I do not think it would make any differences. In conclusion, the DB are not alone that faces the CCB.

  5. Bryen says:

    Donate to the Coco-Two-Cents-Fund! She’s right on the money and points out the stark reality that exists. As she has continually been insightful in bringing clarity to the issues, she continually brings her two cents in and gets a great return on investment. Let’s contribute to her Two Cents Fund so we can continue to receive her wisdom. 🙂

  6. ella lentz says:

    Hi Coco!

    Am BEHIND with DeafRead having limited access to it past few weeks and when I have time, I check on my BB.

    Frustrating cuz its not vlog-friendly. Well, it isn’t blog friendly too. The screen being too small.

    Nevertheless, someone sent me your recent comment with my name asking if our partnership is still on. Want to let you know my answer is still YES.
    Well, realistically, my schedule now restricts me to just opening myself up to occassional live chats in whatever mode that works best for us both. But definitely what you, Carl (bless his presence and discourse–whether we agree with him or not) and others are in recently regarding ASL vlogs and alterative means of getting message across is something ill MUST try to catch up on ASAP when I’m at a regular computer again for a good length of time.

    BTW Hello! And what’s latest re your African adventure?

  7. The Second Greatest Irony says:

    Hi Coco,

    “Clean and pure”? Did you watch Carl’s vlog carefully? I watched it carefully.

    Know what? Carl uses SimCom! Look at his mouth. He mouths English words very clearly
    cross cultural blind
    know nothing
    cross cultural blind [sic]
    my boss
    something wrong with me
    follow your joke
    bad joke
    sound, air, music
    sound funny
    cross culural blind [sic]
    while cultrue shock
    no drink
    my home
    became aware
    cross cultural blind [sic]

    Is Carl’s ASL clean and pure ASL?

    No, I’d say that what you see in Carl’s vlog is called ‘Broken ASL’ and ‘Broken English’ and not clean and pure ASL.

    I don’t imply that Carl should subtitle his vlog. I merely imply that his ASL isn’t clean and pure because he uses a mixture of Sim-Com and ASL.

  8. Jean Boutcher says:

    Ooooops! My contrition! I forgot to sign my name “Jean” in the closing of my comment — vide supra. How many Hail Marys should I recite?


  9. ChrisH says:

    I think some commentors is going to destroy ASL VLog.

  10. RLM says:


    No questions about the possibility of hidden agenda(s) within some commentators to undermine the ASL vloggers. Who knows?

    The Second Greatest Irony,

    I guess that the frequent exposure to the SimCom leave the diehard habits to too many deaf individuals which compromises their pure ASL signings.

    That’s why, more and more deaf people rise up to the “Unity for Gallaudet” protest to bring the purification of ASL use in the classroom, instead of muddling up deaf signers with the use of SimCom.

    Carl Schroeder graduated from the Maryland School for the Deaf (MSD) in the 70s which Dr. David Denton was the champion of the Total Communication. Dr. Bjorlee (msp.), the Supertindent of MSD surely used the SimCom.

    So every deaf students became the product of their educational backgrounds how they were educated with the usage of linguistic structure and primary communication specification.

    Robert L. Mason (RLM)
    RLMDEAF blog

  11. RLM says:

    I meant to respond to the respectable Jean Boutcher’s comment.

    I did not see any of your comment above. Nobody’s perfect anyway if someone forget to sign hir name along with the comment log. 🙂


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