UPDATE: Future Travels, Fundraising and Mailing Address

Hello friends and family:


Thank you so much for your outpouring of support after my latest journal expressing my hardships of life in Nigeria. I feel the love all the way over here and feel so blessed to have all of you rooting for me.


I have some current updates for you – didn’t make any sense to incorporate them in my journals.


Many people have raved my vlogs and wanted to see more. Unfortunately, the internet connection bandwidth here is too low, it’s not fast enough to download 16 more of my vlogs! The other bad news is that my laptop is dying, and I am at risk for losing all of my vlogs!!!! One alternative is having a friend from Abuja get an external Harddrive for me so I can save my vlogs. A few of my friends wanted me to have a videocamera so I could safely record all of my experiences here – turn them into a movie documentary of some sorts – and I love the idea. However, my salary is 250 USD a month so I cannot afford to buy one. So, I’m going to set aside an account for the videocamera and start fundraising. If you’d like to donate towards the videocamera (the best, plus equipment and cd’s, valued at $1,000) you can donate via my account at Paypal (tactiletheworld@gmail.com for paypal user account). Once I have the money saved up, I will seek for a good videocamera and make a purchase in the US – and forever immoirtalize the memories and stories of my life in Nigeria. I am also looking for donations of good laptops to replace my dying one. I’ve got one offer, I’ll check that out soon!


Another fundraising opportunity I am also focusing on is to raise enough money for my Deaf Blind friend, Hassan, to fly to the States in August to begin his training at the Helen Keller Center in Long Island, NY. The flight costs $2,500 (eyes popping out) plus an extra 500 – 1,000 in expenses bringing the total of $3,500. I am currently working with his family to fill out passport and visa applications, in contact with the Helen Keller Center about housing, and writing donation proposals to the politicians of Nigeria. Your contribution to send Hassan, a teacher at my school, to the HKNC will be life changing for him – he really wants to lead an independent life. If you’d like to contribute towards that goal, email me and go to Paypal.


I am indeed coming to the States this August 🙂


My plans for in-country travel are still up in the air but this is tentative – July 30 – August 7 in New York City; August 7 – 10 San Francisco OR San Diego; Aug 10-15 undisclosed place; Aug 15 – Sept 1 SEATTLE, Sept 1 – 6 Washington, DC; then drive up to NYC and leave on September 12.


If you are in these cities, gimme a holla and we’ll get together.


As all of you know, I had to leave two boxes of books and recources at home since I could not afford the high cost of airplane fees ($1,000) so I could only bring three bags and one box with me. The box that came with me to Nigeria was lost at one of the connecting airports, it contained my childhood and friend-filled photo books, survival supplies, spices, coffee beans, school supplies (markers, lined paper, folders, stickers, etc), large print books for leisure reading, and so on. So it’s been hard living without these items. A lot of people had asked me for the address so they could send parcels to ease my homesickness and the hardship of losing the box. Here is the mailing address –


Christine Roschaert
VSO Volunteer
PO Box 2452
Garki, Abuja
NIGERIA, West Africa


Send me photos of us, of yourself, funny cut outs, magazines, large print books, Body Shop/Body and Bath Works stuff, goodies, snacks, etc.. anything. Once the parcel arrives in Abuja, VSO will find a way to bring it to me in the North. While I am in the US, I am meeting up with my father and collecting the two boxes I’d left behind and bringing them to Nigeria… finally! One more thing before I forget, if you have any current ASL instruction books and videos, send them. The school here wants to change its SEE to ASL, as well as some parents of Deaf children want to learn ASL. I’m going to teach drama class for the Deaf kids in ASL so that’s going to be fun if I have some videos to show them!


I want to thank everyone for their support – emotionally, spiritually and financially – in the past three amazing, overwhelming, awesome months of my life here in Nigeria. I can only give back to you my love , gratitude and my dedication to help Deaf Blind kids globally to have education and a good life.


Merci beaucoup, and til next time,

Tactile love,



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