Article: Going Deaf and Blind in a City of Noise and Lights


I would like to share with you an artcle published in the New Yorker about a young Deaf Blind woman named Rebecca Alexander, who is 29 like me.

I think this article is another prime example how many DB people out there are leading extraordinary lives. There are so many leaders, accomplished people out there that many others don’t know exist.

Rebecca is slightly different than I, she doesn’t seem to foster sign language skills and I do, but I still admire her very much for her courage to live in New York City, to live a full life. I would love to meet her someday, however, communicating will prove to be a little difficult. There’ll always be a way.

Enjoy the article, people, and educate-empower-experience is the key with the Deaf Blind world.

Tactile love,


Rebecca Alexander

The New Yorker

“Deaf and Blind in a City of Noise and Lights”

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6 Responses to Article: Going Deaf and Blind in a City of Noise and Lights

  1. Keri says:

    My god! This Rebecca woman is CRAZY! She has hit someone and she’s STILL driving! I’m sorry but she’s in denial and the people around her even notice that. =(

  2. Mela says:

    Wow, amazing. Interesting to see different see how everyone handles it differently..

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  4. Angela says:

    Please remember that the writer of this article was trying to SELL an article. Rebecca was not driving home alone from the Hamptons–I know because I WAS WITH HER! Secondly, this article was written about Rebecca by somebody else with their own interests in doing the story. What wasn’t mentioned is that Rebecca was the Clinical Social Worker at the School for the Deaf for 2 years and so she does use sign language. She took up sign language when she was in college. Just a reminder for people a) not to be so quick to judge and b) make sure you research your facts before you write something online for all the world to see!!

  5. nikki says:

    Rebecca is fluent in sign language and teaches others. She is one of the most inspirational women I know who always looks for the positive in every situation. She is inspiring, NOT because she is going D and B but because she is uplifting, kind, compassionate and lives into extraordinary goals. I know plenty of people who are NOT D and B who are uninspiring and who complain about their lives because they don’t like their job or their home or are victims. Rebecca does not victimize herself and in fact seems grateful for what she has.

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