Fundraising: Help A Dedicated Deaf Nigerian Teacher Get his Master’s Degree

Greetings from Switzerland! I’ve been enjoying my European retreat, but I miss being in Nigeria and working with good people – the volunteers, the dedicated people like the interpreters and teachers I know.

One of these teachers I have respect for, he is Deaf and works at the Kebbi School for the Handicapped up where I used to live from March to September of 2008. His name is Paulshendu Temitope, known as Tope to his students, staff and friends.

I met Tope during my volunteer work in Birnin Kebbi at the school, and was impressed by his love and dedication to the Deaf children at the school. He would constantly tell me his ideas for advancing the education possibilities for the children but his Bachelor’s degree, limited funding and very little access to resources stopped him from advancing the dream he wanted to provide more to Deaf Nigerian children.

Tope has just told me that he wants to attend a Deaf Education Master’s program in Oyo State at the University in Ibadan. However, working as a teacher at Kebbi – and I know this for a fact – he earns only 15,000 Naira = $150.00 a month from his salary. It is NOT enough to cover the heavy expenses of starting and completing a master’s program of two years, so Tope is hoping that I would use my connections to find him the money as soon as possible.

Tope’s classes start end of March, which doesn’t give me a lot of time to fundraise in between $1,000 to $2,500 but I said I would try to see how much people could donate even in the hard economic times.

Tope’s fees accumulate to 250,000 Naira = $2,500 for a two year master’s program. The expenses include books, transportation (to and from school/home, food, apartment rent, classes, and school supplies).

I am asking you to open up your hearts and pockets, donate a small sum or a large sum to Tope’s education fund. I have a Paypal account, in which your funds can be paid to me and I am able to withdraw the funds from my Canadian bank. If you wish, I can send you a list of items that Tope has typed up, just email me at

I make a solemn promise that this is NOT a Nigerian scam. I am going to see it through that Tope uses the funds to achieve a Master’s in Deaf Education, and that in the end, he will be giving so much more back to Deaf children. Trust my judgment, I have seen how the children love him and his soul is good.

These are pictures of Tope wearing a white Tshirt with the other half in gray, and Tope is the one on the right signing to Hassan, the Deaf Blind man in Kebbi.

My paypal account:

We’re all praying for a miracle, even in this recession.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, in advance.

Tactile love,

Coco and Tope

tope and coco, kebbi school for the deaf, november 08

tope and coco, kebbi school for the deaf, november 08

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6 Responses to Fundraising: Help A Dedicated Deaf Nigerian Teacher Get his Master’s Degree

  1. jean boutcher says:


    Bless the beautiful soul of Tope!


  2. Anything that has the word “nigeria” or “nigerian” is synonymous with scams.

    We need to focus on helping deaf Americans first.

    We need to to liberate deaf Americans from the prison of silence, liberate them from the crab claws of deaf culture, and liberate them from the sticky web of deaf absolutism.

  3. Richard, this isn’t about America. It’s about being globally diplomatic, helping others in need out there, like what I do for a living. I’ve tried to help Deaf Americans for eight years of my life and it’s done so much… I can only give the knowledge and the power to others, especially in Africa. So, please get a grip on the absolutism and focus on your own absolutism towards deaf children in poor countries.

  4. Brein says:

    Have you contacted Global Deaf Connection to see if they can find a way to help?

  5. Brein says:

    You can start with the website link I provided. 😉

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