Resources Needed for the Deaf and Deaf Blind in Nigeria!

Sannu from Zurich!

Two more weeks to go and I’m back in Nigeria with so many more opportunities popping up over there for me to roll up my sleeves! The UN Conventions on Disabilities is making its mark in the government, organizations and schools in Nigeria, and I’ve been asked to play a part in the implementation and education of this such bill by the UN. Also several organizations such as the Coalitions for Change, UNICEF, DFID, deaf schools, blind institutions, interpreter’s association and so on are expecting me to contribute my skills and knowledge in helping them understand more about Deaf and Deaf Blind abilities as well as providing services to Deaf Blind people.

I am asking you, as a loyal reader and supporter of rights and independence amongst disabled people of Nigeria, to contribute as well.

The resources on the www can be emailed to me at OR sent to my Nigerian address found below.

What I/we need:

– The Association of Sign Language Interpreters of Nigeria need a laptop to write letters, store files, start up a database of Nigerian interpreters and organizations/schools/services’ contact information; books on interpreting for the Deaf and Deaf Blind; educational textbooks from interpreting courses in universities; and more.

– Deaf schools that I have a liaison with need world maps, maps of Africa, sanitary pads for girls, notebooks, fingerspelled ABC’S for primary classrooms, sign language (ASL/SEE) children’s books, dictionaries, and educational novels.

– I will be developing several brochures and workshops aimed at parents, teachers, employers, service providers at communicating and supporting a Deaf Blind person/child. Books, brochures, ideas are much needed!

– More books related to Deaf culture, Deaf Blind awareness (Theresa Smith’s Guidelines: Practical Tipe to working and socializing with Deaf Blind People) and more.

– I’ve had my eye on owning a UbiDuo that would make my work with hearing people so much easier, especially as a Deaf Blind person and wanting independence sometimes from my interpreters, but the deposit and purchase is a little too steep for my volunteer salary ($300 USD a month). So, if you have a used ubiduo or know anyone with it and would like to donate, I would appreciate it very much!

– If you have any ideas towards donations of books, resources, anything would be great. They can be sent via parcel to:

Christine Roschaert
VSO Volunteer
PO Box 2452
Garki, Abuja
NIGERIA, West Africa

– If you would rather donate funds instead of mailing them, I accept Paypal donations to my account: – I have many organizations that I have liasions with – i.e. the interpreter’s association, a Deaf teacher named Tope, buying toiletries for Deaf kids and so on, that would really benefit from your donations, however, there is no tax relief. 😦

Curious about my organization?

Voluntary Services Overseas

Canada –

United Kingdom for European Union countries –

Many thanks in advance.

Tactile love,


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4 Responses to Resources Needed for the Deaf and Deaf Blind in Nigeria!

  1. Mike says:

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  2. John Ikwe says:

    Mine may appear belated, but this is just when I have to cross ur path with a need. I will still communicate. My research interest is on resources that can remediate the conditions of the deaf and blind in the various schools where they are located within Nigeria. Iam on my own .

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