Survey: Making Transportation for the Deafblind More Accessible

Jason Corning, an enthusastic Deafblind 23 year old fellow is the latest trailblazer in the Deafblind community in America to test the limitations and failures of the transportation system.

Corning, an alumnus from University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with a BBA in IT, joined a group of Deafblind people, mostly students from the Helen Keller National Center to meet President Barack Obama on Helen Keller’s birthday. The occassion marked Deafblind Awareness Month in June.

His website, , has developed a very important survey for the Deafblind public to fill out.

You need to go to this link to enter your name and email address, and by November 15th, they’ll e-mail you the survey.

Read more info on the website for further details on the survey, but here’s an idea (excerpt from the website)

About the project:

The goal of this project is to help people with disabilities improve their travel abilities by gathering data from people with disabilities and analyzing the challenges people with disabilities face.  The hope is to make travel more accessible and for people with disabilities to travel more independently.


Sign up today and make a difference!

tactile love,


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