Tactile The World: Pacific-Asia 2010

Guess what, folks? Coco’s on to her next awesome adventure. Shhe has chosen countries in the Pacific and Asia for the spring, and she needs your help! Copy this link and send it to friends & family – the more people know about this out-of-this-world trip by a Deafblind woman, the more help is on the way for Coco! Many thanks in advance.

View the powerpoint here! Tactile love.




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2 Responses to Tactile The World: Pacific-Asia 2010

  1. konnio says:

    Hmmm, very interesting … I really enjoy your blog

  2. TS Survey says:

    Dear bloggers,
    I hope this is not an inconvenience. We are student researchers in the Occupational Therapy department at San Jose State University and we need your help in conducting a study that is investigating the experiences of people with low vision and blindness when encountering touch screen devices in the community. You will be asked to complete and return a survey via email, mail or in person as applies. The results of this study should increase our understanding of how touch screens impact the low vision and blind community. Please take 15 minutes to visit touchscreensurvey.weebly.com to complete the survey and email it back before April 9, 2010. For more information please visit the mentioned website.
    Thank you for you time and consideration!
    Janelle, Michelle, Christine and Kelley, SJSU Students

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