Update from Cambodia

Greetings, my lovely friends, family and avid readers –

It is sizzling hot in this part of the world and I cannot explain in stranger words how I love it. My body adapts better to hot weather than in cold weather – many of you who know me so well can vouch for it. My teeth chatter painfully in sub zero chill and my cane cannot fare well in hip-deep snow.

I just left Siem Reap, the popular tourist town that welcomes worldwide visitors who come to see the magnificent Angkor Wat ruins. It’s amazing to see how stone can withstand 10,000 years of wars, climates, and tourists. I already feel a little enlightened from my visit there. The sunrise from behind the Angkor Wat is extraordinary and I reckon I’m fortunate to have seen it before my sight is completely gone.

I am currently in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, and had just seen the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum as well as the Choungen Ek Killing Fields – and I have to say I finished the tour devastated and weeping. I had previously been to Bergen-Belsen and Buchenwald Holocaust memorials in Germany, and without trivializing the Holocaust, I must say that Hitler’s massacre seemed tame and swift, as compared to the massacre of Cambodians, Vietnamese, teachers, buddhists, educators, etc. The torture tools, the stories, the pictures, the paintings by a surviror just paint the graphic horrors of slow torture of Pol Pot and his people of the Khmer Rouge. Genocide is an inhumane way to wage war, and if it occurs anywhere (Darfur), people must take immediate action.

I wanted to let you know that I am indeed publishing my Tactile the World: Nigeria very soon, and I will be pulling away my older blogs from Nigeria. With my current journals, I have decided to post journals not in order – skipping a few, so you will be more motivated and curious and determined to buy my second book that will come out of these travels.

I will not be posting my last NZ and two Australian journals – wait for it next year. Sorry!

Vietnam is next on my list, leaving March 2nd for Ho Chi Minh City, then to Hue and Ho An. Back to Cambodia for two weeks to give workshops for Deaf Development Program in Phnom Penh and Epic Arts Center for the Disabled in Kampot.

Thailand and Malaysia for the last week of March then it’s off to Kathmandu, Nepal and Mumbai, India for April. Who knows where I’ll be in May?

I want to thank the sponsors of my flights, and the people who donated so I could continue my travels. If you want to donate, you can send money to my Paypal (account: tactiletheworld) and your name will be mentioned in my book and my website.

I always appreciate your love, support, shout-outs and prayers.


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One Response to Update from Cambodia

  1. sandra germinaro says:

    COCO go see Ronise! She’s in Cambodia! 🙂

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