Dear AADB and the Americans…

Coco’s Comments:

Please read this letter from the American Association for the Deafblind on the topic of Congress funding a tool to independence for thousands of Deafblind Americans.

And this tool is called a Support Servuce Provider.

In Seattle, the Deafblind Service Center is manning a pilot SSP program and is training mentees from Austin and Minneapolis to set up a program as well. I have seen the success of this program, and Seattle boats the most number of trained SSPs. SSPs are what Deafblind people need to gain more independence from their parents, friends, family and providing more access to environment and visual/auditory conversations. Going to the post office, to the mall, to a Deaf social event o even to a wedding has become an easier task for the Deafblind person.

Louisiana, the state with the most Deafblind per capita, has lacked access to funding and tools for an SSP until last year when the Senate of Louisiana agreed to a small amount of funding to get a program going. The program still needs a lot of money. So do cities with a good number of Deafblind (think DC, Austin, Minneapolis, New York, San Francisco…_ ) from organizations that provide support for independent living.

I am very grateful, very relieved to live in a city with access to these kind of services. I can live a more easier and accessible life without the stress of having to depend on no one or too much on my loved ones.

I’ve sent this to my friends on Facebook in hopes they’ll send it on. One more person counts – send it on to everyone.

If you are a sighted hearing or Deaf person, your comments are very welcome and it shows you ally with us in the request that Congress listen to the Americans and approve funding to establish many, many regions with access for Deafblind people.

I’m off to make a vlog for this cause.

Come on, Deafblind, Deaf, hearing, CODbAs, CODAs, teachers, SSPs, allies, stand up for the right to quality living!

Canadians, if you are reading this and inspired to do some action for the right to accessible living for DB Canadians, do it!

Tactile the world,

Change it,

You, me and everyone.



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