Stolen Art – Please Help Me Find It!

Watercolor, poster size, 2010

On July 21, at the DeafNation World Expo Art Gallery, this poster-size painting was taken from the table at the exhibit without my permission or the knowledge of the art gallery Director. DEAFHOOD is the name of the painting, done in watercolor during this year.

This painting is done by Pratigya Shakya of Nepal, an extraordinarily talented Deaf artist who is my love partner. I am devastated that someone took this painting – it had a lot more value to me personally.

Please, if you have this painting or know someone who does, please return it to me. My email is

I pray it will be found.

Spread the word for me, please.

Thank you


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7 Responses to Stolen Art – Please Help Me Find It!

  1. Dianrez says:

    That’s horrible! Art theft has to be the lowest crime of all to happen in a Deaf festival…you’re doing right to post the image so that in our small world it can be quickly found. Whoever took it can just leave it with the hotel desk or in a safe place and notify the finder to contact you. I hope it comes back to you.

  2. Jean Boutcher says:

    Oh, no! My heart is aching for you for the missing of your love’s painting.
    Oh, why? I know how you and your love feel because if someone takes my
    painting. I like Dianrez’s suggestion. Hugs to you both.

  3. Jean Boutcher says:

    P.S. Find out if the hotel has a video surveillance. It would be of help, tracing
    a person who took your painting.

  4. John Critser says:

    Seems the DeafNation World Expo (DNWE) is not exempt from being robbed by painting thieves. Imagine if the DNWE was hosted in Rome, Italy, or Paris, France!

  5. MM says:

    Obviously someone not a fan of Paddy Ladd. (Don’t look at me I was thousands of miles away)…

  6. Red Head says:

    So sorry to hear this, it’s such a lovely piece! I hope that you recover it soon!

  7. i really like to visit art galleries because i love every bit of art ‘.,

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