411: FCC & Low Turn-out for DB Access Surveys

I came across Ed’s Telecom Alerts, a great blog that alerts the Deaf and Deafblind communities of current news on various technology developments, including Video Relay, wireless, computer, mobiles, and thankfully, updating us on the laws & policies concerning us coming from the federal government.

The Federal Communications Commission, not long ago, requested that Deafblind, low-vision and blind individuals take part in their survey about needs towards accessibility in wireless, communications, and computer technology, as well as services for the Deafblind such as Deafblind Video Relay.

However, such a low turnout is of concern to the FCC – how can they get a good idea of what we truly need? How can they pass and adjust policies according to our answers on the surveys?

Take a look at Ed’s blog about this matter:

FCC & Surveys for the Low-Vision, Blind and Deafblind

Do this survey, change our lives for the better and for others.

Tactile love,


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3 Responses to 411: FCC & Low Turn-out for DB Access Surveys

  1. deafa says:

    The low turnout is exactly why they need more access.

  2. Barry Critchfield says:

    You know, its kind of ironic… Several years ago the National Gallery of Art did a survey and they were disappointed that so few BLIND people responded to their questions about the visual art displays…

    HELLO???? What efforts did the FCC use to reach out to the DeafBlind community?

    Just wondering….

  3. They sent surveys out through major Deafblind organizations, such as AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE DEAFBLIND, Seattle DEAFBLIND SERVICE CENTER and so on… I received several requests to do these and despite being a Canadian, I did attend Gallaudet and was a DC resident for 7 years, so I did the survey.
    We need more DB to do this, because cost for technology for DB is so astronomical, it frightens us that a lot of states don’t cover the costs for these life-changing, less-isolating gizmos.
    Can you send this on to your db friends who might not have a computer? go to the survey site, print it out, help your friend write it, and somehow scan or fax it back to fcc.
    Good question though.

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