Pah!: Deafblind Mountain Climber, Heidi Zimmer


It always psyches me to come across fantastic, amazing and courageous Deafblind people – my heart fills up with inspiration. I am sure thousands of people out there feel the same way.

Be inspired when you read about the awesomely wicked adventures of a Deaf mountain climber and adventurer, Heidi Zimmer. What’s even more inspiring is that this lady has Usher Syndrome (Retinitis Pigmentosa) and doing all these challenging activities with a very limited peripheral vision is just mind-blowing.

Word has it is that Ms. Zimmer has this dream to scale all of the seven major peaks on the world. You go, girl!

I hope that you will share this story with many Usher Syndrome and Deafblind youth and adults, and tell them – if this lady can do it, so can they scale their dreams and make it out on top!

*hands wave and feet stomping for Heidi*

View a Youtube vlog by filmmaker Jose Saldana:

Mount Eolus

Go here to see Heidi’s personal webpage:

Deafblind Mountain Climber, Heidi Zimmer

Tactile love and let’s go climb a mountain with our canes


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