Journal Delays

Y’ello from Durban – the XVI World Federation of the Deaf Congress is coming to an end soon.


I wanted to explain why there has been time in between feeding my blogs on this website. Firstly, my beloved laptop is still in the repair shop back in Canada meaning this very laptop I am working on is my father’s and it’s not visually accessible. It takes double the time for me to complete a blog. It’s so heavy – probably 5 to 8 pounds and along with my hard drive and charger, it’s very heavy to lug around in a bag or backpack, so I don’t bring it everyday. Makes me wish I had an iPad 2 – I’ve seen Deafblind Low vision carry it around and be able to send blog posts/feeds to twitter or Facebook in a millisecond. Jealous me.


And it’s so hard to be able to pry away from the crazy chatter and netwoorking I havve done during this week. I will try to post blogs, you’ll probably notice there is a gap in the events that happen – I will fill in these gaps when I am able to sit back and relax in the next 2 weeks after WFD Congress to update you all on the goings on.


Thanks for understanding.



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