South Africa Journal #6: In The Midst Of Things


Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

August 2, 2011


August 2, 2011


Nearly three weeks have passed since the day I arrived in Durban to kick off the WASLI conference and then came WFD and passed me along so quickly and then here I find myself sitting on a bar stool in a hostel by the beach at Jeffreys Bay reflecting upon the past few weeks. I had chosen to spend the last week of my amazing South African adventure alone, maybe because no one could tag along with me during my journey back to Durban to catch my flight, or I juse needed some ‘me’ time to reflect and relax from the three hectic, sociable weeks. Color me overwhelmed.


I have a thousand stories running through my mind and pray I will pour them out of my staggered mind with ease. I have been inspired, shocked, tactile a thousand times, challenged and even more understood by many throughout this journey. Every night of this trip, I thanked everyone who made this happen, and remarked how fortunate I am. I can only hope that many Deafblind who are like me get to experience this kind of amazement and joy.


The Deafblind that I have met at WFD and during my trip to Worcester (south east of Cape Town) have deeply impacted me, my direction in life, and gave me the major boost of energy and enthusiasm for my work. For these Deafblind I have met, I have learned so many stories about their lives, their stuggles and their dreams. I know a lot others around the world that I have met and not met yet, share the same yet different lives.


Not only do I encounter Deafblind people, but all sorts of people from all ways of life. They have made a mark in my memory, my life and aspirations. Deaf, hearing, colored, Zulu, Xhosa, African, Scandinavian…….  I have received help and love from Hearing people, but some have shown me AUDISM. I will explain more later.


I’m going through the motions of sitting by the window looking out and reflecting on the events, the people, the Congress and the lessons I have learned. In due time, I will write down about it.


You, the one I have met or not yet met, have made a mark in my life, as well.





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