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411: WestJet and Air Canada Fight Court Ruling on Free Flights for SSPs

Greetings! As you may recall, from this May 2008 news release I had posted on my website, “411: Canadian Airlines to Allow SSPs Fly for Free”. An Usher Syndrome buddy and International Usher Syndrome Buddies Network founder, Ryan McNary of … Continue reading

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411: Canadian Airlines To Allow SSP’s Ride for Free!

Many thanks to Deaf Blind Canada, a group on Facebook for announcing the wonderful news. In sum, the Federal Appeals Court has turned down an appeal by Air Canada and WestJet – two major airlines in Canada – to argue … Continue reading

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My Critique of the New DeafRead

In the past two weeks, it’s been a whirlwind of lectures, paperwork, moving boxes and laptop glitches. But hopefully the routine will become a little quieter, with more free time to go over a skyscraper of emails and start blogging … Continue reading

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Activism: Hospital Listens to Deaf Blind Activist Group

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  August 1, 2007  DEAF & DEAF-BLIND DEMAND COMMUNICATION  WITH MEDICAL PROVIDERS AT LAKE HOSPITAL SYSTEM  Euclid, Ohio – Imagine you are in another country and fall ill. Imagine you are rushed to a hospital and the doctors … Continue reading

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We Can Be Killing Machines

i’m probably going to get a lot of comments regarding this entry. it could either put me in the hot seat with my deafblind community of usher’s compadres or get a whole lotts respect for speaking out. i have a … Continue reading

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Yo Prez Davila, We’re Waiting!

It has been almost 2 weeks now since the Deaf Blind students and alumni of Gallaudet University sent out a letter inviting President Davila and his team to meet with us on March 30th concerning issues of the past, the … Continue reading

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Merging of Deaf and Blind Schools, Union for Low Vision Students and More

  Let’s talk about “et cetera” today.  There was an article by Jamie Berke on regarding the merge of Deaf and Blind schools. By Deaf and Blind schools, some states are merging schools for the Deaf sighted and the … Continue reading

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