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Vlog: New Sign for “Usher Syndrome” and “Sighted” People

Bonjour again! Seems like I’m itching to vlog every day of this week – so many ideas, so many topics to cover! Hopefully I’ll find volunteers willing to transcribe every and each of these vlogs… pronto! I have a special … Continue reading

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Vlog: Coco’s Journey to Nigeria

Bonjour!It’s been ages since I’ve posted something worthy of reading about the -isms and news of the Deaf Blind world, please forgive me for the short sabbatical.I was away on “vacation” to Washington State (Seattle & Seabeck Deaf Blind Retreat) … Continue reading

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Coco’s Challenge I

Are you a risk taker?  Do you have high apathy? Do you really know how the Deaf Blind live, think, eat, communicate? Then you should see what kind of challenge I have for you. Click on this and see if … Continue reading

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Film: In the Land of Silence and Darkness

I am positively and utterly speechless. I have too many thoughts rushing in my mind, and my heart is tugging. I am overcome with emotion after seeing these two short clips from German director Werner Herzog’s documentary, “In the Land of … Continue reading

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Vlog: Merci, Transcribers & My Deaf Blind Family

In my vlog, I thank the transcribers of “Pet Peeves” dated June 20th. Ever since that Vlog, I have now officially received 8 offers to be my transcriber for future vlogs. The power of suggestion lies in being brutally honest … Continue reading

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Anindya “Bapin” Bhattacharyya: Tech Genius

Hello folks – back from a long hiatus! I was so busy the past few weeks organizing the Deaf Education Rally in Ottawa, Ontario for May 11. It was such a beautiful day and the event went well. Let’s hope … Continue reading

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How Much Can I See?

For many of you out there, you’ve asked me this question over and over again in the span of my life. How much can I see with Usher Syndrome at different stages? So I present to you a vlog about … Continue reading

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Deaf-Blind Triplets on Dr. Phil

There was a recent episode on Dr. Phil that featured three deaf-blind triplets and their frustrated parents. I haven’t seen it yet – but from what I hear, I’m not gonna like it. Anyone know where I can view the … Continue reading

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Vlogs and the Deaf-Blind

Is it just me or is the Deaf Blind community even further from the other half of our communities than ever before? With the amazing speed of advancement in technology that enables Deaf people to grow as a community and … Continue reading

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