Most of these books can be bought off!

1. Guidelines: Practical Tips to Working and Socializing with Deaf-Blind, by Theresa B. Smith

2. And The Journey Begins, by Father Cyril Axelrod

3. Persistence of Vision, by John Varley

4. Orchid of the Bayou: The Kitty Fischer Story, by Catherine Hoffpauir Fischer and Cathryn Carroll

5. The Story of My Life by Helen Adams Keller

6. The World I Live In, by Helen Adams Keller

3 Responses to Books

  1. Craig MacLean says:

    Why not add Bravo Miss Brown?

  2. terena says:

    I want to add “Traveling Blind; Life Lessons from Unlikely Teachers” by Laura Fogg to your list. Okay, I admit it, I’m the publisher. Laura is my daughter’s teacher and has been working with visually impaired children for over 35 years. And she can write! It is available from for people with vision impairments as well as in print from and other bookstores.

    Sorry if this turned into a “spam.” Not my intent, I just want to share Laura’s book. Thanks.

  3. Patrick says:

    Where is the fun collection of stories from world traveler and singularly unique Ms Roschaert?

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