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  1. MB says:

    I love reading your blog! You are an interesting, independent, intelligent person! Your writing style is awesome! Thanks for sharing your stories!
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Jon says:

    I’ve been reading your blogs and they are very interesting. I must say that you are an amazingly strong person. I read your last post about your eye and I sincerely hope it get’s better, I too know the frustrations of vision problems (I was born with congenital glaucoma and nystagmus). I will be praying for ya!

    Keep doing that good work your doing.


  3. abdul wasy says:

    deaf are you?

    where are you going to school deaf?

    Are you deaf need?

    where are you from?

    please say deaf

    love deaf

    please sending deaf

    I’m going to univeristy study the engineer Networking courses very to learning beatiful science computer deaf.

    When are you need deaf sending?


    • says:

      I (Sameer Mohammed Issa Abu – JUBBEH) of Jordanian nationality, born in 1978, lives in Amman / Jordan, the average appearance, Height: 187, Weight: 105 Hair color: brown, eye color: brown, hard of hearing for the deaf, fluent , No Smoking, No: drinking

      Does your organization help the deaf to find a job? Do you call some one like me, you are in a country to become aware of your organization to contact you personally to be aware of your club deaf means you can help me arrived to your country to have a chance to have friends like you,

      I hope that helps me to find a job, and I’m willing to work in any field of work, please help me to get a work visa or residence, and please tell me about the things or the required documents.
      Thank you for your generous

      Waiting for your quick response,
      With best regards,
      Sincerely yours Sameer.

  4. Kevin Burk says:

    I have been helping some engineers on a device that could help those blind and deaf/blind communicate. There is lots of work still to go but we think we have something interesting. We need input from those with vision loss. Any idea on organizations for the blind that could help? We don’t want to offend anyone but we have some important questions about mobility and communication.

  5. The long journey.
    By Mahano Mbaswa Christian,Country Director

    By virtue of humanity,it’s worth nothing that everybody was born attached with certain Rights termed * Human Rirghts* .

    Deaf people too have human Rights which need to be respected and upheld by everybody irrespective of gender or Disability. His case study gives a detailed trend odf deaf people around Bukavu province south kivu DRC in enjoying their human Rights.

    In order for the deaf individuals to enjoy their human Rights it is very importantto study and understand their plights in a limited shere.

    This study is centered on assessing the tred of deaf people in attaining the basc rights so as to eventilly prepare for prevention in violation against their human Rights.

    Absence of communication means there cannot be development and feir justice for all in all,sing language must be part and parcel of all interventions aimed at promation deaf people’s rights.


    By Mahano Mbaswa Christian,Country Director DRCongo association of the Deaf

    south kivu province bukavu.

  6. by Mahano Mbaswa Christian,Country Director
    In DRCongo Deaf human rights tend to be violation mainly in the following areas ;access to employment,education,health service and one family.intereqtingly,laws against HRs violation are in place but nothing is done to curbe such scenarions.many laws are on paper piled in shelves while Deaf people suffer since majority of deaf persons can rareply understand the term human rights.70% of them violated human rights of other and the defence for their action appears to be said,* My human right*yet in a contrary of fixed magnitude.
    In DRC human rights communication( UHRC( always carries out mass sensitization about HRs by any means but the deaf are still left out because of communication gap.this is due to lack of interpretation service in order to translate spoke language into sign language hence vocious’s also worth nothing that human rights sensitization need support if it is to be feasible in the lives of targeted persons.


    south kivu association of the deaf
    +243993306850 SMS

  7. Jacqui Ward says:

    Kinds regards go out to Coco. Your blogs are a great to read. I am hoping to be volunteering in the Pacific with PWD organisation. If I meet any deafblind individuals I will definetely let them know about your journeys – physical and mental.
    Kind Regards
    Jacqui @ SARU Melbourne

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  10. Hi Coco,

    Just wanted to let you know that I wrote a post about you. You inspired me. Please let me know what you think of it. The site is



  11. Hi Coco,

    Just wanted to let you know that I am sharing your story again by way of a link to your blog. It will be posting later this month, and is called: Motivational Short Stories that Will Knock Your Socks off.



  12. Betty Banks says:

    Hi, my name is Betty Banks. I think your blog is very interesting. I was looking at what you said about the white wall not squinting at places. I understand I experienced that wherever I go to store, to the mall, anywhere I go. I am planning to do a comparing story about Helen Keller and my life which is very similar. I also find that many people particularly alot of these agency that portend to know about deaf-blindness which is aboard spectrum that I ever imaged in particular HKNC that didnt accepted my deaf-blindness because they do not understand how other disabilities are affected, not to be debbie downer but it so true. Continue writing and I would like to see more and I would like to impossible blog back and forth, you and I about this subject. You can contact through email at

  13. Heather says:

    Thank you for your post about your experiences on Air Canada. It’s essential that people like you speak out about these problems so that we can find solutions. As a visually impaired person I have experienced many moments of discrimination and lack of awareness. I have made it my life goal to work on these issues and it’s great that you are doing the same.

  14. Sorry readers: Here’s Helen Keller’s quote again:

    Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

  15. matterstosam says:

    Hi Koko. People have probably asked you this but did you choose that nickname after the signing gorilla? Anyway I came across your blog when looking for things about teaching a blind person ASL. I’m totally blind and hearing. There’s a girl who lives in my asisted living who is deaf and sighted. The director who is the only person who can sign here says he doesn’t think a blind person and deaf person can communicate which is discouraging. My other hearing sighted friend has tried to teach me a few signs but even if I were to sign I then wouldn’t know what the girl is saying back. This girl the sighted hearing friend is also not very patient. Anyway I’ll keep reading your blogs. I have a blog

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