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Stolen Art – Please Help Me Find It!

On July 21, at the DeafNation World Expo Art Gallery, this poster-size painting was taken from the table at the exhibit without my permission or the knowledge of the art gallery Director. DEAFHOOD is the name of the painting, done … Continue reading

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Tech: Cars driven by the Blind?

With amazement and a gaping open mouth I read this article about a company coming up with the innovation of a car driven by blind people…. HEARING blind people. Too bad… if they had a car with a prosethetic arm … Continue reading

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Advocacy: H.R. 3101 Leaves Deafblind Behind

This is a news alert from the National Association for the Deaf in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. Contact your regional NAD representatives and/or American Association for the Deafblind to see how you can keep this from happening! Tactile love, Coco … Continue reading

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