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Opening Doors into Blogland

After such a liberating day yesterday finding out that a) people woke up to the fact that Deaf-Blind weren’t as much a part of the Deafhood theory as they’d thought to be and took notice; b) Ben Vess of … Continue reading

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Vlog Transcribing and Captioning, Accessibility in Ottawa & More

In my recent post, I had vented about the arising issue of transcribing and/or captioning vlogs, a fad that is quickly becoming the hot property in the Deaf community nationwide and worldwide. I’m pleased to see that the post had … Continue reading

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Vlogs and the Deaf-Blind

Is it just me or is the Deaf Blind community even further from the other half of our communities than ever before? With the amazing speed of advancement in technology that enables Deaf people to grow as a community and … Continue reading

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Retinal Implants

Howdy! I wrote a commentary about an article that was dropped in my lap six times in the past few days. Go on to read the commentary & the article on my other blogsite: Tactile love & leave comments.

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No Sight, No Sound

Here is an article about a developmentally delayed Deaf Blind 5- year old boy in Virginia and how his parents cope with raising him. I like how his parents tailored the communication methods & textured the house so that their … Continue reading

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National Gallery of Canada’s White Cane Week

I am passing on information from the NAG in Ottawa. If you are in town, blind on any level & form and would like to attend, contact Elizabeth Sweeney to obtain a Deaf-Blind interpreter. I would suggest you bring a … Continue reading

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Face Blindness

Read this link Very interesting and informative read on “face blindness” – it is a disorder that prevents images from being interpreted to the brain. It is typical in the end stage of Usher Syndrome although I have yet … Continue reading

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Be Patient

Under construction to suit the visual needs of the Deaf Blind and the sighted alike. Meanwhile, work on some contributing articles, will you? I have not gotten one since my announcement requesting articles be sent in… don’t resort to apathy. … Continue reading

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