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Article: What I Wish People Understood about being Legally Blind

Coco: I came across this article and wanted to share. Pretty spot on! People have these assumptions and misgivings about people who are legally blind, and it’s frustrating.  Despite having some residual vision, I identify myself as Deafblind, but in … Continue reading

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Spotlight: Haben Girma, First Deafblind Law Sutdent at Harvard Be astounded and inspired by this Deafblind woman from Mali who came to America to get an education – specifically law school at Harvard. What an accomplishment! Read more in the … Continue reading

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News: Deafblind Man Goes Back to School with New Tech This is an awesome article about a Deafblind man who is going back to school, thanks to technology available today!

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Eddy Morten and his Struggle with Air Canada

Coco interviews Eddy Morten, a Deafblind Canadian from Burnaby, BC in this interview he shares his experience with Air Canada 10 years ago when they removed him from his plane and demanded he fly with an assistant despite his frequent … Continue reading

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Interview with Madagscar Deaf Educators

Coco interviews the hearing Principal of a deaf school in Madagscar and the president of Deaf association, Ruby and Dimby respectively. Location is at the Bras-Panon Vanilla Farm in Reunion Island on the Indian Ocean, May 2013.

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Father Cyril Axelrod, Deafblind Catholic Priest in S. Korea

Interview in S. Korea with international advocate and educator, Deafblind priest Father Cyril Axelrod.

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Vlog: How Air Canada Mistreated Me – June 7, 2013

My vlog details the disappointing events that happened on June 7 in Ottawa, Calgary and Edmonton with Air Canada and the airport authorities. 28 minutes long, American Sign Language This transcript was completed by Christine Wilson, an interpreter in the … Continue reading

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Letter to Air Canada – by C. Roschaert

  June 9, 2013     ­Dear Air Canada,   My name is Christine Roschaert, from Cornwall, Ontario. I am the director of Nepal Deafblind Project where I volunteer in Kathmandu, Nepal and am currently in Canada to visit my … Continue reading

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Deaf Community Accountability To the Deafblind

March 17, 2013 Deaf Community Accountability: You know I grew up immersed in Deaf culture, right? Like, I boycotted oralism at age 3 and dove right in sign language when my hearing parents introduced me to Sesame Street’s Linda Bove … Continue reading

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Blogs by Moms with Deafblind Sons

Good day! There are so many aspects to a Deafblind person’s life. One is, from the Deafblind themselves, then there’s the stories of people who love and raise a Deafblind child. I found the two blogs by two mothers in … Continue reading

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