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A Horse Guides The Blind – CNN

We all know labradors are good for guiding the hearing and deaf blind people. Now there’s a new twist, as reported in A blind woman has turned to her miniature horse, Panda, as a source of guiding through the … Continue reading

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Photographing the Silence & Darkness

I came across this site by photographer Harvey Finkle, by simply typing Deaf Blind in Google Images Search. I am blown away by the beautiful snapshots by Finkle, who goes around capturing the heart & soul of the Deaf Blind … Continue reading

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Equipment for the Deaf-Blind

I came across this link which provides information on various accessible equipment designed for the Deaf-Blind people. This site is fairly old, in the age of technology, but if you’re interested in purchasing or finding out more information – most … Continue reading

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Contributing Writers Wanted

Tactile the World is recruiting writers to make a contribution to information access on the Web for the Deaf Blind community and educating others who are sighted. Those who can contribute: – Deaf-Blind people: legally, partially, fully & nearly blind … Continue reading

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Fun with Braille

by Marisa Bennett, contributing writer   Fun with Braille Recently, when bored by insomnia, I entertained my brain in a way that only sighted Braille dorks like me (who are also linguistics geeks) tend to do. I went through most … Continue reading

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Site Help, Please!

Greetings – Several people have commented on the hard-to-read font colors on my site – and I have no clue how to change them other than doing my entries on Wordperfect, then changing the color, then pasting it on WordPress. … Continue reading

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Blindness & Poverty In Canada

Worth reading for those blind & living in Canada. This article made me feel very, very fortunate I just got a well-paid part-time job as a teacher. I have no clue what the poverty rate among the blind is in … Continue reading

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Are We Disabled?

Are the people that have lost sight and hearing considered disabled? Or double-disabled? Or just a thorn in normalcy? One of the readers brought up a very good question and it’s one I have asked myself and others ever since … Continue reading

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VEEing Usher Syndrome, and with a sense of humour.

I was googling images on Tunnel Vision and Usher Syndrome when I came across these and a cup of sugar.   so dolly the sheep had Usher’s, too? rotfmao   to be this young and think he’s a piece of … Continue reading

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The Buff and Blue: Fix The Cracks

Moderator’s Note: This article was published in the fall of 2005 while I worked at the SBG feverishly to pinpoint the structural errors and hazards and the administration wasn’t being very attentive or effective. So I figured that the two … Continue reading

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