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Blog: Calm after the Storm, Bring in the Tide

Only if some people out there could understand that I am not “attacking” them for their passion for ASL and vlogging, rather, showing that the frustration is coming to surface from a variety of groups in the Deaf community that … Continue reading

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B/Vlog: Carl, CCB & Culture Shock

Just as I was ready to log off and get in my warm cozy bed, I had to check out a few things on – and I was amused when I came across a vlog made by Carl Schroeder, … Continue reading

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Blog: What Does Inclusive Mean To Me?

The comments on my previous blog, “Us, Exploited? You, Ignorant!” and the response towards the term “inclusiveness” has rocked the Deaf v/blogsphere and DeafRead. This has shown that this is an important time to shed light on accessibility and inclusiveness … Continue reading

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Blog: Us, Exploited? You, Ignorant!

Today when I ventured onto DeafRead for my daily dose, I came across Carl Schroeder’s vlog, “Stop Exploiting the DeafBlind!” and I was genuinely surprised at Carl for making such accusations towards v/bloggers who in turn wanted to provide ACCESSIBILITY … Continue reading

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Blog: How I Came to Learn Tactile

Just a few days ago I had the chance to meet up with an old college buddy of mine from Gallaudet in Boston, what a relief it was to find him after a lot of dead-end searches. Alex is a … Continue reading

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