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Vlog: Merci, Transcribers & My Deaf Blind Family

In my vlog, I thank the transcribers of “Pet Peeves” dated June 20th. Ever since that Vlog, I have now officially received 8 offers to be my transcriber for future vlogs. The power of suggestion lies in being brutally honest … Continue reading

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411: PDAs for the Deaf Blind

I am absolutely blown away by how advanced technology can be, more so when it is geared towards meeting the consumer needs of the Deaf-Blind. A while ago in one of my blogs I expressed my concern that while every sighted … Continue reading

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Vlog: Denial, Vlog Transcribing & Fake Suntan

View today’s vlog by Coco Roschaert: Ranting about Usher Syndromies in denial, absentee vlog transcribers, and my fake suntan mishap. Warning: I’m a b*tch. Tactile love. **** TRANSCRIPT Many thanks to LaRonda and Carrie Gellibrand. I got three offers to … Continue reading

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Becoming Blind: What I’ll Miss Seeing

No one ever wants to become blind. Sight, in my opinion, is the number one everybody takes for granted. They don’t really think about the little things that matter that are right in front of them until they gradually start … Continue reading

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