Deaf-Blind Triplets on Dr. Phil

There was a recent episode on Dr. Phil that featured three deaf-blind triplets and their frustrated parents. I haven’t seen it yet – but from what I hear, I’m not gonna like it.

Anyone know where I can view the episode???? Help!!!

When I pah see the episode, then for sure I’ll jump into the debate that is simmering over the choices that the show made in order to freudize the parents on how to deal with their three 6-year old triplets who are fully deaf & blind.

tactile luv.

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8 Responses to Deaf-Blind Triplets on Dr. Phil

  1. A Proud Canadian says:


    I’d suggest that you join some discussion lists on the Net because there are some good numbers of participants with some various types of deaf-blindess — mostly those suffering with Ushers Syndrome. I think most of them are not yet proficent with RSS readers, as well as do blogging like yourself.

    Try one of those lists, USHERS discussion list at listserver (Training Resources at Western Oregon University. To join, just send an email message to with a command, “SUB USHERS ” in a body. Don’t type those signs, “” between your name. Then you follow the instructions when you receive from that listserv.

    Once you are signed in, you may want to begin a debate. It would be a better way to do out there because of a larger number of subscribers to that discussion list.

    Good luck!

    Scott Burch

  2. Jules says:

    I watched that episode and being a parent it was very painful to do so. There are times I get frustrated with my 4 year old and i get to where i tell myself i cant do this on my own but after watching that episode I now know that things could be a thousand times worse. This woman was an inspiration and much props to her husband for trying his best to deal with 3 deaf and blind kids that aren’t for him!!! They displayed unconditional love to their kids and frustration but who wouldn’t dealing with the circumstances. A lot of people would’ve given up along time ago. the worse thing for a parent is knowing that you are unable to help your child, seeing your child in that condition knowing that things will always be that wasy for the rest of their lives. Bless her heart and her entire family. I applaud this women because she displays courage and strength that most of us may not be able to! and as for the person who did not see the episode you can go to Dr. Phil and oder it (not sure how much)! Its really an informal and eye opening episode!

    • cheri says:

      God blessed the perfect lady with these 3 special children. And all the articles that say their STEP Dad, he is their Dad. Period. I thought I had problems….What a blessing to my heart it was to watch this show on Discovery. I wish I had a way to contact them to offer some kind of support.

  3. Thank you, Shawna.
    Is there any way I can obtain this documentary?
    I wonder if the triplets have considered learning sign language? I use ASL fluently and it has helped me greatly to communicate with a variety of people who sign, and its an asset to express oneself freely through sign language.
    My email – tactiletheworld at gmail.


  4. Shawna says:

    Oops…nevermind, I get it.

    I hope y’all tuned into the re-airing of the Dr. Phil show today on the girls! For more information on the girls you can go to or check out the deaf-blind children’s fund

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